Zipper Rosette Tutorial from Sew Craft Create


I'm Heidi from Sew Craft Create. I have two sweet, little girlies and a serious addiction to all things crafty!
I am so excited to be here today and today I am teaching you how to make zipper rosettes!

Zipper Rosette Tutorial by Sew. Craft. Create.

What you need:

Zippers {any color, any  size}
needle & thread
*hard interfacing
*hot glue gun

Step One: 
Cut entire length of zipper, leaving just over a 1/4 inch on either side.

Step Two: 

Cut ends off zipper.

Step Three: 
Separate zipper.

Step Four:

Fold 1/4 inch of the zipper onto itself. Stitch through material {left from step one} a few times to secure it.

Step Five:

Wrap & stitch (same way) until you have 3 rows.

Step Six:
Insert needle through two rows (the new row and the row directly beneath it).

Insert it from back of the rosette.

Then insert needle from front to back

Keep wrapping and repeat step six every 1/8 inch until done.  

Step Seven:

Once zipper is desired size, cut off remainder. Stitch several times to secure it.

*Step Eight:

Attaching to hard surface: Cut extra-heavyweight interfacing to fit rosettes. Hot glue to back of rosette.
  Attaching to soft surface (i.e., fabric): Skip step eight and sew directly onto fabric.

All done!

Attach to anything!
Shoes, bracelets, headbands, earrings, necklaces, frames, the possibilities are endless!

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