Halloween Applique Witch Hat by Izzy & Ivy

Halloween Witch Hat Applique by Izzy & Ivy
Welcome Izzy & Ivy Designs to Ucreate!
You probably already know these ladies for their fabulous patterns sold at popular online fabric shops and local stores.
You'll find patterns for clothing, fashion bags and purses, applique, and more!
Well...they're here today sharing this fun
Halloween Witch Hat Template exclusively for you!
How cool are they?!
Absolutely ADORABLE {and the outfit, too}?!
Halloween Witch Hat Template

Want this adorable Halloween skirt tutorial, too?!
Mix up the fabric and this will be darling for any season or holiday!
Thank you Izzy & Ivy gals!!
Make sure to stop by today where you'll find free downloads, tutorials, and stay up-to-date on their latest designs!



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  1. VERY cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the Izzy and Ivy designs! Now another great one! Thanks!

  3. This applique is so nice!! And that outfit is adorable!

  4. Darling!

    And one of my readers emailed asking if I'd draw up a witch hat applique for her. I'm totally sending her here. LOL!

  5. That is an adorable outfit.


  6. That is just the cutest! How I wish I could sew...I have two little granddaugters that would look so cute in this. sigh

  7. This is one of the few (but only) reasons to wish I had a girl in the bunch.

  8. Thanks for the free pattern!

  9. This is adorable! Thank you!! Heading over to their site to check out what else they have now :)

  10. Thanks for sharing the Halloween Hat pattern. I have a Halloween quilt in the planning stages, and this will be perfect in it.

  11. How precious she is! Love your pretty design! ♥

  12. oh so cute! My poor girl can't wear halloween to school... maybe they'll be a christmas version!

  13. Thank you thank you! I have been searching for this pattern and tutorial for christmas skirts for my daughters and nieces. This is exactly what I had in mind! Can't wait til the weekend when I get to go fabric shopping and start on these fun gifts!

  14. Thank you so very much! My daughter decided it should be a part of her Halloween costume!



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