Burlap & Lace Tree Skirt by DIY Divas


beautiful burlap and lace tree skirt tutorial by DIY Divas

We can hardly contain our excitement to be creative guests on U-Create. We hope you enjoy our festive tutorial, and come visit our blog, Do It Yourself Divas, for other creative tutorials and DIY projects.

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Enough about us. Let's talk about your Christmas tree and what it needs this holiday season.

How about one of these beauties to dress it up?! A perfect blend of lace, burlap and muslin come together to create this one-of-a-kind tree skirt.

Burlap Lace Tree Skirt Tutorial

burlap lace christmas tree

burlap lace tree skirt

Supply List:

*3 yards of burlap

*3 yards of muslin

* thrifted lace table cloths and curtains (approx. 3-4 table cloths)

* Ribbon

We are all about saving money. We found that buying thrifted lace was about $0.25 a yard. That is CRAZY cheap for lace.


Step 1. Wash all thrifted lace and muslin.

Step 2. Make a perfect circle base.

*Using one yard of fabric, create your base. Remember in 9th grade when you used a compass to draw a perfect circle? We used the same concept, using a string and two pencils.

* For this tree skirt the circumference of your base should be 36". This means the radius is 18".

* In order to make your compass, cut a string 37" and tie it together at the ends. Once tied, the length of the string will equal 18". Hey, that's the radius!

*Hold one pencil in the center of your fabric and extend the string to make it taut. While holding the center pencil still, begin outlining the circle onto the muslin.

* Cut out the circle.

* Using a small plate as a pattern, trace a circle in the center. Our plate was 7.5" wide. (The width of your plate may determine where your fabric lays in the end.)

* Make a straight line from the edge of the center circle to the edge of the large base circle.

* Cut through the base along the line and cut out the center circle.

Step 3. Make Layered Ruffles

* There will be 7-8 rows of ruffles depending on the width of the plate you used for the center.

* In order to determine the length of each ruffle we used the geometric formula,

((2 x radius) x 3.14)2

* Here are the measurements for each row starting from the outer most edge of the base:

Row 1 - 226 inches

Row 2 - 194 inches

Row 3 - 169 inches

Row 4 - 144 inches

Row 5 - 119 inches

Row 6 - 94 inches

Row 7 - 69 inches

Row 8 - 43 inches

* Each row is eight inches wide.

* Use a basting stitch to ruffle each row.

* To ruffle burlap, use a large needle and yarn.


* Pin the outer most layer 1/2" up from the edge.

* Sew in place

* The remaining rows should be spaced 2" apart from the previous row when pinned and sewn to the base.

* Sew ribbon on the top opening edges. Use desired length.

* Decopauge the edges of the burlap to prevent fraying.

That's it.  Now you can "Dress" up your tree!

beautiful burlap and lace tree skirt tutorial by DIY Divas

Thanks again for letting us share our ideas as creative guests on Ucreate. Happy Crafting.

If you have any questions on how to make this tree skirt, or want to learn how to make any other festive tree decor that you may have seen in this tutorial,

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