A new year. A new skill. (learn how to restore furniture!)

Repurposing furniture has been one hot hobby these past few years!

Many crafters/DIYers go furniture shopping at the thrift store these days instead of high end stores for a few reasons…

* it’s inexpensive

* it’s customizable (they use their fave fabric and paint colors to create exactly what they want)

* it’s recycling

* it’s fun!

Take Brooke for example.

brooke all things thrifty

She runs an awesome blog called All Things Thrifty and shows you amazing, inexpensive ways to decorate your home!

I also love how she brightens her home using COLOR! One of my goals this year is to have a “statement piece” in each room…and that means using more color. I’m in love with Brooke’s chairs…

restore furniture

Do you want to restore old furniture?

Do you have items you bought from the thrift store that are hiding in your basement, but just don’t know where to begin?


painting furniture 101

One of the very first things you need to learn is how to paint it!

Learn the “tricks of the trade” and find out what paint to buy, when you need to prime, and how to apply it!

painting furniture 101


What is Glazing?

Glazing Furniture 101 

Find out what glaze Brooke uses, how to add paint to glaze, and how to apply it! Her video tutorials are fabulous, too!

glazing furniture

You will also find her follow-up post very helpful…

Top 10 Tips For Glaze


Spray Painting Tips Galore!

spray paint 

The spray paint you purchase matters!

Here you will find where to buy it, where to spray paint, learn about the different sheens, how to prevent dripping, and more!

turquoise mirror

 DIY Unique Turquoise Mirror


Next up?

…and don’t let this part scare you (it’s easier than you might think!)……reupholstering!!

reupholstering furniture

Learn how to reupholster a chair from beginning to end.

wing back chair

 How to Reupholster a Wing Back Chair

 Top 10 Upholstery Tips

 How Much Fabric Do I Need?


Can you believe Brooke scored this chair for only $20?

chair makeover

Gorgeous end result!

Brooke’s reupholstering skills were the very first thing to catch my eye! I instantly fell in love with this crib makeover…

diy reupholstered crib

 DIY Reupholstered Crib


chair makeover 2  chair makeover 1  chair makeover 3

..and I always love Brooke’s Week of Chairs series!


I hope we’ve inspired you to get out that old piece of furniture and create something fabulous!!

I’ve only shared a little of what All Things Thrifty is all about so make sure to hop on over to see many beautiful DIY goodness!



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  1. I love All Things Thrifty!! :)

  2. Just wanted you to know that you are featured on a new Mommy Blog....http://31main.blogspot.com/

    Thank you for your craftiness! We have been following you for a while(years I think). We love All Things Thrifty too!!!

    Loved the crib redo!

  3. Thank you for the tips:) Sandra H

  4. Ummmm, I L-O-V-E all things vintage, lol!! Great post :)

  5. Hey, that's my dining chair! I nenver imagined it would look so good in blue. Have to get me some pint....

  6. Thanks! I've been saying to my partner for the last couple of weeks i want to go op shopping and have been thinking about doing myself up a bookshelf! This has just sparked my motivation :)


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