Summer Jumper Dress Tutorial


summer jumper dress tutorial


Anshu at Blooms and Bugs submitted this beautiful summer dress….

Floral Jumper Tutorial

…darling and perfect for your li’l gal!

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DIY Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bag by It’s Always Autumn


Hi everyone! I'm Autumn from, where I blog about crafting, sewing, cooking, photography, scrapbooking, and more.

Today I'm sharing a tutorial for this quick and easy stuffed animal sleeping bag:

stuffed animal sleeping bag

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Side Ruched Maxi Skirt Tutorial


ruched maxi skirt tutorial

So I think it’s obvious on I’m a maxi kick lately!! I’m all about comfort!

Autumn at It’s Always Autumn is showing you how simple this is to create…

 Ruched Maxi Skirt Tutorial

…if you look closely you’ll see a touch of chevron, too!

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Washi Tape Treat Bag Tutorial

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” Sometimes it helps if there is also a “daughter of ideas”. My sweet little 5-year old was watching me try to sew these bags and not succeeding.  She asked, “Why don’t you use the pretty tape, Mom?” Genius!
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Behind the Scenes: Doodlebug Design


doodle bug designs

Doodlebug Design

Becky and I had the opportunity to get the “behind the scenes” look at Doodlebug Design in SLC, Utah and wanted to bring you along for the ride.

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Linda’s List: 22 Button Tutorials


Hello lovely Ucreate readers! It's Linda here, from burlap+blue, and I'm so happy to be here today sharing another compilation of amazing tutorials! Today, I'm highlighting a craft material that's inexpensive, readily available, and comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors...I'm talking about buttons!

image via burlap+blue

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Bow Pillow Tutorial


Bow Pillow Tutorial

How amazing is this throw pillow over at Ariadne at Home?

DIY Bow Pillow

Oh, and it’s written in Dutch so you’ll need to use Google translate.


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12 Fabulous Tutorials for Short Hair


Many of you loved the “Tutorials for Long Hair” post I recently did, but wanted some ideas for short hair.

Your request answered!

You won’t want to miss these stylish gals and their fabulous short hair “how-to’s”…


chic updo tutorial short hair

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16 Amazing Hair Tutorials for Long Hair


I have long hair.

My girls have long hair.

Sometimes I run out of ideas! Let me share some of my favorite finds for styling long hair…

these tutorials are all amazing!

messy rope braids tutorial

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How to Make a Garbage Bag Kite by 2 Little Hooligans



How to Make a Kite using a Garbage Bag by 2 Little Hooligans 
Hi I'm Christina and I blog over at 2 little hooligans. I'm so excited to be here today and to share my craftiness with all of you! I'm a stay at home mom to three little ones, ages 4, 2 and 1. We live in northern New Hampshire in our 1870's farmhouse that we are currently renovating...while living in it! Besides renovating our home, we are raising 2 pigs (Wilbur & Ray), 35 broilers and 6 layers. We spend our days playing outside, crafting, watching the animals and playing in the gardens. We live a very simple life and that is just how we like it! My blog is full of my crafty ideas, tutorials, recipes and pictures of my ridiculously adorable kiddo's! I hope you all get the chance to stop by and said Hi. I love meeting other crafty women and sharing our ideas and inspirations with one another. And a big "thank you" to Becky for asking me to join all of you today!
When Becky first asked me to join all of you today I knew exactly what I was going to make...but the kiddo's had another idea. I was going to share a tutorial for our favorite bug boxes but instead the kiddo's wanted to make a kite. So today, we are making a kite. Really this is something I have been wanting to try for months now. It is so quick and easy to make your own kite, all you need is a few materials and a windy day.
So let's get started!
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Chalkboard Paint Tutorials

Oh the amazing things you can create with chalkboard paint!!
Transform an everyday item into something brand new, easily personalize gifts by adding chalkboard paint, and so much more!

Chalkboard Paint Tutorials - Tons of ways to use it and how to make your own!

Let's get started shall we?
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Craft Tip: Flattening Bottle Caps


how to flatten bottlecaps

 Today Sara Sandberg at  Crafting in Paradise shares this fabulous tip on how to flatten bottle caps in her “how-to” video!

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DIY Mini Stacked Pots


Mini Polka Dot Stacked Pots

I’ve been wondering what to give the moms for Mother’s Day and I’m loving all of the decorated clay pots everywhere! I decided to go with the polka dot look because I fell in love with these larger ones at Positively Splendid!

A thought came to me the other day…create mini stacked planters as gifts!

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Craft Tip: Bed Pillow into TWO Throw Pillows

 How to Turn a King Sized Throw Pillow into TWO throw pillows.
Hello UCreate Friends!
I am Desirée from The 36th Avenue and I am so excited to be back visiting one of my top favorite blogs!
Thank you Kari for having me!

Craft Tip! Bed Pillow into TWO throw pillows!
I am sharing today the tutorial of how to turn a regular pillow into two throw pillows.
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