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Good morning! I'm Stacie, from Yellow Spool. I've had the pleasure of visiting here at U-Create a few times before, and I'm so excited to be back. When Kari asked if I'd like to share a simple, inexpensive gift idea, I jumped right on board, and then thought, "crap. what if I can't come up with anything?" I bet that gives you a boost of confidence in what you're about to read, right?! I am really truly thrilled with this project, though; it's quick, personal, and practically free. Yes, yes, and yes PLEASE.

Cork pendants three ways:

1.hairpin 2.necklace 3.brooch.

I absolutely love how raw and simple these are. 

Materials Needed:

Cork (can be bought at almost any craft store)

Glue (I used a combination of E-6000 and Tacky Glue, but would definitely recommend something stronger than hot glue)

Hardware: screw eyes, safety pin, bobby pin, etc.


1. Carefully slice the cork into four or five pieces.

2. Layout the pieces how you'd like them, and glue at the joints. Apply several coats of glue to the back side of the pendant, allowing it to dry between each coat.


3. After the pendant is dry and sturdy, make it into a necklace, hairpin, or brooch.


A few tips: I used a bulldog screw eye to screw into the top of the pendant for a necklace. To keep glue from closing the hairpin, I put wax paper between the bobby pin before gluing it in place, and simply peeled the paper away when it was dry. I loved making these so much I used up all of my corks. I even slipped one onto a package as part of my recycled gift wrap series. A gift wrapped with a gift.


Thank you so, so much for having me. I can't wait to see what else this series has in store for everyone! I do hope you'll stop by anytime. I'm currently on day seven of twelve in my recycled gift wrap series, if you're looking to personalize your gifts this year!

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  1. Stacie thank you so much for sharing your fabulous cork tutorials with us today! I also love your recycled gift wrap much fun!


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