12 Stocking Stuffers the kids will love!

12 Stocking Stuffer Tutorials

I had a Facebook fan mention that she would love some stocking stuffer ideas and I told her I would come through for her!

So Carrie, this is for you…and anyone else who’s looking for fun stocking stuffer tutorials that will be a hit with the kids!!

DIY Surprise Stocking Stuffers

1. DIY Mystery Stocking Stuffers by Sugar & Cloth


flavored lip gloss by meet the dubiens

2. Flavored Lip Gloss by Meet the Dubiens {and free printable}


Hershey Kisses Free Printables

3. Hershey Kisses with free download at Lil Luna


reindeer noses and snowballs by bloom designs

4. Reindeer Noses & Snowballs by Bloom Designs


playdough stocking stuffer at How Does She

5. Homemade Playdough at How Does She


snowman face gum at my little mochi

6. Draw a snowman face on gum at My Little Mochi


DIY Marshmellow Shooters

7. DIY Marshmellow Shooters at C Berry Baby


memory game with family photos by elizabeth kartchner

8. Photo Memory Game Tutorial by Elizabeth Kartchner


DIY Elastic Pops at Do It Yourself Gifts

9. Rubberband Lollipop Tutorial at Do It Yourself Gifts


quarter candy rolls stocking stuffer at Martha Stewart

10. Quarter Candy Rolls at Martha Stewart

Homemade Bath Crayons

11. Homemade Bath Crayons at eHow


Free Christmas Coloring Pages

12. Homemade Coloring Book with free prints at Xmas Coloring Pages


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  1. WHA?!! NO comments?! Well, I personally THANK you for your effort in gathering these for Carrie! I am going to use at least 6 of these!!!
    I want to thank Carrie for requesting this & for Kari getting it all together in one place! I LOVE Bloggers, they are all as friendly and giving as your favorite neighbor! Thanks again Kari. God Bless you & your Family this Holiday!

  2. A huge THANK YOU Kari. I am so honored to have you share my gum ball tubes. Wishing you the happiest holidays. You have made my week.

  3. So kind of you to give credit and a link back to my site (coloring pages) so rare these days but so appreciated - Merry Christmas!


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