Sunburst Pom Pom Tutorial

Sunburst Pom Pom Tutorial for Sunny Party! 

Hang these fun sunburst pom poms for a party – they made the perfect backdrop for the dessert table!


Yellow poster board

Yellow tissue paper


Bakers twine  


Step 1

Cut out a sun on the yellow poster board or use your digital cutting machine large enough for a pom pom to fit in the center.

How to Make a Tisse Paper Pom Pom 

Step 2

Trim 5 pieces of tissue paper the same diameter as the center of your sun. I was able to cut two pom poms out of one section of tissue paper.

Step 3

Fold all 5 pieces of tissue paper 1” with accordion folds. Then cut (rounding off) each end with the paper still folded together.

Step 4

In the middle of the paper, add a twist tie as tight as possible.

Step 5

Carefully pull one tissue paper at a time, to fluff out the pom pom.

How to Make a Sun Pom Pom

Step 6

Tape the pom pom to the middle of the sun. Punch a hole in one sun ray. Tie bakers twine or string to the sun and then hang your Sunburst Pom Poms!


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