European Pillow Sham Tutorial


I used to working in a bedding department at the mall in high school and I discovered what was called a “European pillow”. I’ve never head of such a thing back then, but loved how they looked on the display beds we had to make.

During this bedroom makeover competition I knew I wanted big square European pillows and I can’t wait to show you how easy they are to create!

How to make a European Pillow Sham in a few easy steps!!

The dimensions of a European pillow sham or usually 26x26 or 28x28. I purchased a size 26x26 at my Kohl’s store and got to work making two shams.

Here are the simple steps…


You’ll need the three fabric pieces above.

*TIP* These dimensions are for a 26x26 European pillow, if you are using a 28x28 size you would just add two inches to the above dimensions.


1. Grab one of the back pieces and fold & iron 1/2 inch down on one of the 28” sides.

2. Fold over another 1/2 inch and iron down.

3. Pin your iron fold to make it secure.

4. Sew a 1/4” inseam down the side.

Repeat steps 1-4 on the other back piece.


Next you will lay your back piece right side or also called patterned side facing up on your table.

Then you will lay your back pieces right side facing down like the picture above.

Pin all 4 outer sides and sew a 1/4” inseam on all 4 outer sides.


Flip right side out and stuff with your pillow and you’re finished!!

European Pillow Sham Tutorial

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Interested in making a reversible throw pillow?

The top left corner pictured is just that – reversible. Click HERE to see the other side! The pin tucked pillow and standard sham tutorials coming this week!


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  1. Lovely tutorial. Your pillows are precious!


  2. Oh so stunning colors. These silverish pillows just cought my eyes :)

  3. will you be posting a tutorial on the regular pillow cases shown?

  4. This solved a big problem I have.


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