St. Patricks Day Craft - Rainbow to Go

St. Patricks Day Rainbow To Go by Bloom Designs 
Hi there friends! I am Jenny Raulli, editor and everything else of Bloom Design Online.  I have been walking on air since Kari asked me to do a guest post last month.  This is such an amazing honor and I am so delighted to be here… 
As a former elementary teacher and art history major, my passion for parties, paper, personalized, pretty came from being a stay at home mommy to four little ones under ten. 
We have a lot of parties at our house!  Party styling was a perfect combination of my former life.  My blog is filled with holiday ideas, party planning tips and ways to make each day a bit more personal.
St. Patricks Day Rainbow To Go by Bloom Designs

I have been a fan of Ucreate for a long time, but I “met” Kari when she pinned my Blow Me A Kiss Bubble Gum Tubes  to her Pinterest board.  Views on my site increased by the thousands (Thanks Kari!).  You could definitely say that I was over the rainbow.  So as a tribute to that meeting, I wanted to share with you…
A Rainbow To Go. 
Rainbows are a very popular party theme right now but they are also perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.  I usually avoid decorating for this holiday because, quite frankly, I’m not a fan of green.  Who doesn’t love a rainbow, though? 
St. Patricks Day Rainbow To Go by Bloom Designs

You will need:  assorted 1 inch gumballs, Rolos, gumball tubes (chocolate cover pretzel bags work also), ribbon, a circle or scalloped circle punch, and Rainbow To Go tags which you can download here.
St. Patricks Day Rainbow To Go by Bloom Designsimage 4
Place your “pot of gold “ or Rolo at the bottom of the tube with the small side down. Then, top with gumballs.
St. Patricks Day Rainbow To Go by Bloom Designs
Place ribbon over the opening and then put on the cap.
St. Patricks Day Rainbow To Go by Bloom Designs
Punch out your tags.
St. Patricks Day Rainbow To Go by Bloom Designs
Attach your tag, tie a bow and you’re done! An adorable party favor or hostess gift in minutes.
St. Patricks Day Rainbow To Go by Bloom Designs
For more St. Patrick’s Day or rainbow party ideas follow my rainbow board on Pinterest or visit my blog, Bloom Designs Online. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You’re the best Kari!  I’ve definitely feel like I’ve found a pot of gold.
How perfect are these party favors?
Jenny is super talented and let me give you a taste of what you’ll find over at Bloom
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  1. Cute idea! Where do you buy the gumball tubes?

    1. Great question Taryn! I buy mine at Amazon for a few bucks!! --->>

  2. Oh my goodness. This is such an adorable idea!!

  3. They are amazing

  4. This is so fun! This would be great for my daughters Girl Scout Troop!

  5. A sua família é linda! Que seja sempre abençoada!! Seus filhos são todos parecidos com você! Adorei a sua postagem, tudo muito lindo!

  6. Super cute Jenny! Love this!

  7. SO cute! LOVE these, Jenny!! XO

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