My partner for CWTS 2014: Lindsay from The White Buffalo

This year I was asked to participate in Creating with the Stars again this year and I cannot wait to introduce my partner to you...

I'm thrilled to work with the super-talented Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co.!

A Little about Lindsay....

Want to know where "The White Buffalo" name came from?

"Years ago, the name 'The White Buffalo' came to my mind.  I love contrast in design and this name fully captured that: a rustic buffalo paired with fresh white.  But over time, more meaning has come behind the name.  In Native American legend, white buffaloes were seen as something rare, something special.  Every generation that a white buffalo was born, it was seen as an omen that good tidings would follow. In every project I tackle, I am always looking for the White Buffalo.  I’m looking for that piece, DIY, or idea that has never been done before.  Once I find it, the rest of the project is inspired by it and falls into place."
Gorgeous projects you can find at The White Buffalo...

DIY Kitchen Island by The White Buffalo

French Door Headboard Tutorial

...and the project that guaranteed Lindsay a spot in Creating With The Stars 2014...

DIY Rustic Eclectic Master Bathroom

I think this is what I love most about Lindsay. I love how she says...

"I have spent years discovering who Lindsay is, what she is passionate about, and what her style is.  Once I discovered it, I spent another year learning to embrace it and never apologize for it.  I am trying to unashamedly Run Like a Buffalo and just be me.  No looking side to side and comparing.  No wishing I was different.  Just running after beauty, life, and the ultimate: love."

Be sure to follow our journey in the CWTS competition this year. I'll keep you updated on UCreate and you can see all of the info and other contestants on East Coast Creative blog.

Wish us luck!
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  1. Much luck, looking forward to seeing your fabulous creations, very exciting! You guys will be awesome!

    1. Thanks Lisa! This season should be amazing!

  2. You two make a stellar combination! Best of luck, ladies!

    1. I'm so excited to work with Lindsay - thanks so much Lauren!


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