Your Ultimate Guide to Bedding Dimensions

The Ultimate Guide to Bedding Dimensions by U Create

I used to be a manager over a retail store in a bedding department years ago. I had no idea that there were so many different bedding sizes and dimensions. 

Today I hope to share a useful guide to any of you who want to create your own bedding.
I created some info graphics that include the standard sizes in the industry. Note: sizes may vary but these seem to be the most common. Also, feel free to leave any expertise you may have in the comments or tips and tricks that you found helping while creating your own bedding.

Need to make a quilt, a duvet cover or just need measurements?!  Feel free to save these images or pin to have them on hand any time you may need them!

Let's start with the twin...

Note: The Twin XL is very common in college dorms!
Here's my recent duvet - How to Make a Duvet Cover
Also, check out this fun duvet idea - Pintucked Duvet Tutorial

Now onto the most popular size...
The Ultimate Guide to Bedding Dimensions by U Create
Note: You can purchase full size bedding, but most people like the extra room a queen size gives.

I have a queen size bed and many times we will purchase a King quilt because I like the it to hang over quite a bit.
The Ultimate Guide to Bedding Dimensions by U Create
Pillows, pillows, pillows!!
The Ultimate Guide to Bedding Dimensions by U Create

I also have a European Sham Tutorial that is a peace of cake if you're interested! Oh, and don't miss this amazing trick on How to Turn a King Pillow into Two throw pillows!
The Ultimate Guide to Bedding Dimensions by U Create

I'm sure there are a few dimensions I didn't cover, so please if you'd like dimensions on something not listed be sure to make a note in the comments and I'll see what I can do!

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  1. This is super helpful! Thank you! I just shared a post earlier this week for crib sheets and I was sewing for a mini size crib which has a 23 x 37" mattress (

  2. Thanks for the great tips!

  3. I like my quilt to overhang too but with a King bed I cant buy the next size up quilt! Hate that! But for some reason my King blanket does....

    ...end rant ....


  4. What an awesome guide!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. So helpful! I have a hard time figuring out how big to make duvet covers. Thanks!


  6. Thank you for putting this out. I have been putting looking for measurements for a king quilt. There is so many different things out there.

  7. Great tips - so helpful! Thanks!


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