Pricing Chart for Handmade Crafts

I've had many people ask me how much they should charge for their craft items in their boutiques, Etsy shops, etc.

When I was selling pre-made scrapbook layouts way back when I had a good friend give me a chart that looked similar to this.

Now this might not be necessary when selling every craft project you create, but it's the overall standard. I hope this is helpful to you!!


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  1. This is a great guide! Thanks for sharing!

  2. But then what is the actual dollar amount for "time?" That is the hard part. I may put four hours into a stuffed animal, but no on is going to pay me $10 an hour + materials ($45-50) time 2 ($90-$100) for a stuffed toy. What do you count as an hourly wage? :(

    1. Kati, there can definitely be exceptions ... this is just the standard and the most common out there.
      Find helpful tips on this topic at our Facebook page too.

  3. Thanks for this post, awesome info..


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