Baby Shower: Ready to “POP”


Our adorable cousin Ashlee is having a baby girl and of course, Becky and I jumped at the chance to throw her a baby shower!

The theme? Ready to POP!

Ready to "POP" baby shower with tons of ideas and free printables

We popped a huge bucket full of stove top, plain popcorn, printed out, and framed this sign so the guests would know exactly what to do…

Ready to "POP" popcorn sign for baby shower - free printables


The bags we used were just the inexpensive brown lunch bags.

Next, we stocked up on many different popcorn seasonings that you can find in the popcorn section of your grocery store. If you really want to get fancy, there are some online popcorn seasonings you can purchase with many different flavors, too (just Google and you’ll see what I mean)!

The little glass shakers were purchased in a pack of 2 for a dollar at Wal-Mart. I like how the holes are large so the seasoning easily comes out.

This was such a hit with all of the guests and it was fun to watch them come up with many different recipes! Some even broke into dance shakin’ their bags!!

Ready to "POP" baby shower - free popcorn shaker printables


We couldn’t forget the mini M&M’s, chocolate, and peanuts!!

For the drink we bought six packs of bottled crème soda, printed out the bottle wraps, and stuck the straws to the side.

Ready to "POP" baby shower bottle wraps - free printables


I have to share something hilarious really quick.

When you put the paper straws into the cream soda it fizzes like crazy! The deeper you push the straw the more fizz and some were overflowing. Didn’t realize we’d come up with a fun science project and lots of laughs at the baby shower!!

Thanks for "popping by" baby shower party favor!

As the guests were leaving the shower, they each received these “thanks for popping by” party favors filled with my Snickers Popcorn Recipe and a picture of Ashlee and Topher – it’s always fun to take a treat home. You can purchase the popcorn boxes at a local or online party shop.

This shower was a big success and Ashlee received many fun baby gifts to start her new journey in life next month!

Oh, and we cannot wait to see this little princess and spoil her so much!

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