Good Deed Manger – Christmas Service Tradition

Hello Ucreate readers!
We’re Jeanine and Amy from Serving Pink Lemonade and we’re excited to be here at Ucreate today.

Do you have time to slip in this craft with your kids for Christmas?
We hope so, because this is a good one . . . and easy too.

This little manger started out empty, but each time my daughter does a good deed or act of service she gets to add a straw to the manger to make it soft in time for the baby Jesus to arrive for Christmas.

Want to make your own?  Don’t worry there is still time.  And what a great activity to do with your kids on the week of Christmas.

First I found some sturdy card stock (or thin cardboard will do also) and drew these images on it.
I then cut them out and pieced them together.  See.  Easy project.  I didn’t even use glue.  Just fold your rectangle piece in half, cut the slits and insert the legs of the manger.
Find some straw (or raffia, or even paper shreds) and let your kids add them to the manger good deed by good deed.
Now for the baby Jesus.
I picked up these wooden pieces at Hobby Lobby for under $2 the other day.  Perfect for our baby.
I then found some white scraps of flannel for a blanket and a sharpie to draw on the face.
Here’s the baby all wrapped up and cozy.
I can’t tell you how much my daughter has loved filling her manger with straw.  It’s been fun to see her being so helpful and offering to do all kinds of wonderful things around the house.

Just perfect for helping to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Thanks for having us today and Merry Christmas!


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