Behind the Scenes: A Day at Scentsy

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved seeing how things work.
Do you remember Mr. Rogers Neighborhood? I would watch it religiously and my favorite part about the show was seeing how things were made. I remember watching the beginning to end process of crayons, tennis shoes, and so many other items.
Fast forward to today, one of my favorite shows is called How It’s Made. Maybe you’ve heard of it?  My husband and I will stay up and watch how everyday products are made such as: snowboards, toothpicks, pantyhose, aluminum foil, etc. (maybe this puts us in the geek category, but I’m so okay with that…LOL)!
What does this have to do with my trip to Scentsy you may ask?
I LOVE getting a “behind the scenes look” into a company and finding out why/how they work.
scentsy logo

I was invited to attend “A Day at Scentsy” with some other bloggers at the Scentsy home office in Meridian, Idaho.  I was ecstatic because I was already a fan of their products (truth be told, I had “Clean Breeze” smelling up the room when I read my invitation)!
I’m excited to bring you along and share some highlights of one amazing company!
Meet and Greet Reception
meet and greet scentsy 4 
We started with a meet and greet reception at the hotel. It was exciting to be introduced to some of the Scentsy team and the other bloggers that were attending. Maybe you recognize them? We had a great time visiting, laughing, and hugging!
meet and greet Scentsymeet and greet Scentsy 1
Home Scentsy Party
scentsy party 3 
Get this. We attended an actual home Scentsy party and it was a blast!
Danette Kroll was the incredibly funny, fabulous consultant at our party. She was very helpful, laid back, and as you can see below we had such a great time.
Smelling, smelling, and smelling some more…
scentsy party 4  scentsy party 5
…and having an awesome GNO (girl’s night out)!
When you get this many women in one place you’re sure to have a night of fun!
scentsy party 2
We were able to see all of the newest products, including a brand new item that recently launched:
solid perfume scentsy

Scentsy Solid Perfume!

Love this stuff and my personal fave is the “Love Story” scent.

Tour of Scentsy Home Office
scentsy warmersscentsy buddies
We woke up the next morning and headed to Scentsy headquarters. Their offices are gorgeous and very open to encourage interaction among their employees.
Look what else we found…
Gigantic Scentsy Buddies!
giant scentsy buddies
Being bloggers, of course we had to get a pic!!
Breakfast with Scentsy Executives
scentsy breakfast 5 scentsy breakfast 2
We were able to meet many of the amazing people that run Scentsy.
You want to know what impressed me? They all said “I have the best job at Scentsy” and they told us why. It quickly became a joke among the bloggers and we would ask the next person if they had the best job.
They were truly passionate about their careers and the products they sell!
scentsy breakfast 4
Home Décor Interactive
home trends 3
You know how I mentioned my “how things work” obsession earlier? This home décor interactive was one of my favorite parts of the event. I was shocked to hear that the product development team is already working on Spring 2013.
I didn’t realize how far ahead they predict the trends and found this fascinating. They also attend the fashion shows in Europe {how fun would that job be?} and receive inspiration inside the home and unexpected places.
Check out the home décor that inspired these beautiful warmers…
cementalflint and shale warmertrellis warmer
Darin passed around these beautiful display boards with many different textures, mediums, and colors. This was one of my favorite boards…
Home Trends 1
I LOVED this rock to warmers video they shared with us! I couldn’t believe how much detail goes into each warmer. 
Fragrance Training 101
dave Frangrance Training
David Weymouth over fragrances was awesome!
We were given many different scents in a variety of categories to combine and experiment with. I realized I’m a huge citrus and mint fan! My least favorite? Cantaloupe.
 fragrance training 4
Scent is such a personal choice and it was fun to share and discuss our opinions! Many of us related certain smells with past memories and experiences.

fragrance training

Meeting Orville and Heidi Thompson

new scentsy building

Scentsy is the country’s fastest-growing consumer products company and I’m not surprised one bit after meeting Orville and Heidi.
They inspired us with their story and their “give back” attitude.
Scentsy’s Motto: Generosity-Give more than you take   Simplicity-Keep it simple   Authenticity-Be yourself
I wanted to include the above picture to show you the brand new campus (190,947 square-foot) scheduled for completion in 2013. Amazing!

Heidi and Orville Scentsy

Tenille, Myself, Heidi and Orville Thompson, Juliet, Shelley, Amy

Brooke, Kami, Shelley, Heather, Cindy

Thank you Scentsy for inviting us into your world and sharing the “behind the scenes” view with me and my fabulous readers!


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  1. says

    I love my scentsy! My favorite is lemongrass coconut, such a great summer scent. I’m totally with you on seeing how things are made. I’m a huge How it’s Made fan! It’s the best show to watch while trying to fall asleep, but in a good way hah.

  2. says

    Wow, how ironic. I have been researching Scentsy for a couple weeks thinking about joining and then I looked at you blog this morning and there is this post! I think it’s a sign…I’m joining today! :) Ok, maybe not a sign, but I was excited to read more about it on your blog. Thanks!

  3. says

    Isn’t Scentsy the greatest? I love being a consultant. After attending one party, I was hooked, so I went home and started researching the company. I was so impressed, that I became a consultant right away! I so wish I could take the trip you did! Awesome!

    Oh–and I like How It’s Made too. I try to make my kids watch it, but they usually complain so much that I can’t hear the tv.

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