Bunting Tablecloth Tutorial

Bunting Tablecloth Tutorial by Seasons Gredings

I have been obsessing lately.

Not about the normal stuff- the home, my weight, Colin Firth.

No, I have been obsessing about COUNTY FAIRS.

I literally mean obsessing.

And not the county fairs of today with the 45 year old carnie blasting Iron Maiden from the Tilt-A-Whirl.

I’m talking about old school county fair– you know, the ones from The Muppet Movie and Babe.

(warning- all my historical references will be movie based)

This kind:

County Fair - Seasons Gredings

I can taste the cotton candy, smell the kettle corn (and possibly the prize winning hogs), feel the hay beneath my feet and see the huge red and white tent filled inside with blue ribbon pies and quilts and jellies of every variety.

Now I picture myself on a grassy hill over looking this fair, having a picnic with my family, and this is the tablecloth or picnic blanket I’d want to bring.

DIY bunting tablecloth tutorial by Seasons Gredings

Bunting Tablecloth Supplies:

Store bought tablecloth (Home Goods $10)

Variety of fabrics (mostly all of mine came from Joann’s- I know, cute for Joann’s!)

Grosgrain ribbon (approximately the diameter of your tablecloth)

Wonder Under (also known as double sided fusible web)

thread to match bunting and thread the same color as ribbon

bunting tablecloth supplies

Directions for Bunting Tablecloth:

bunting tablecloth trianglesMake a triangle template out of card stock

Iron the Wonder Under onto the backside of fabric

Use the template to trace the pattern onto the Wonder Under paper backing

cut out triangles

Cut all the bunting (I cut 24 of them for my 4-6 person tablecloth)

wonder under bunting

Peel the Wonder Under paper backing from bunting

ironing bunting

Iron the bunting onto the front side of the tablecloth

(don’t stress over placement- the more random the better!)

tablecloth bunting 1

Here’s my random placement and I promise you I put no thought into it at all

tablecloth bunting 2

Now for the ribbon- use the same color thread as the ribbon and start anywhere

tablecloth bunting 3

Sew the ribbon into place twisting and turning it as wanted

I let some pieces of the ribbon not lay flat for variety

tablecloth bunting 4

Don’t stress out about this part- It looks harder than it actually is

tablecloth bunting 5

tablecloth bunting 6

And that’s it!

Now go make one and take your family to some grassy knoll, in some country town, on a warm summer night and enjoy the view– at least in your dreams. :)

DIY Bunting Tablecloth Blanket

Bunting Blanket Tutorial

DIY Bunting Picnic Blanket


Beautiful right? Gillian also makes me hungry with all of those beautiful food shots!

It doesn’t end here.

Make sure to check out her beautiful blog Seasons Gredings to see her latest projects like this beautiful circus canopy…

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    I would never have thought of doing that. Amazingly creative! I’m such a fan of the bunting look, and this is such a unique way of using them even when there are no trees to attach to. Well done. ♥ Janine (www.starttogrow.blogspot.com)

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