Create a Pattern from an Existing Garment


My daughter has a night gown she adores, but she has almost wore the thing out.  So I decided to take said nightgown and create a pattern.  I learned this technique not too long ago at Sewing Summit and I was excited to try it.

How to create a pattern from an existing garment

Supply List:

Favorite nightgown (or garment of any kind)

White tissue paper

Straight pins (with the ball on top)




Creating a pattern Seamline

1. To create the body I pushed pins through the the arm seams into the carpet.


 Creating a pattern Tissue Paper Creating a pattern Rubbing Off

2.  Place a piece of tissue paper on the body.  I taped 2 pieces together in order to cover the whole body.

3.  Then take your crayon or pencil across the little balls on the pins.


Creating a pattern Cutting

4.  Cut out the lines you just created.  And you have a full body pattern w/o seam allowance.  Because both sides are never identical, I folded it in half and cut up the fold.  That way I am only working with half the pattern and the cut edge can then be placed on the fold of the fabric when the pattern is finished.


Creating a pattern Tape Pens

5.  So now you are going to create the seam allowance on your pattern by taping a marker and pen together.  Actually tape any two pens together as long as the tips are 1/4” apart.  Lay your “half” body pattern on another piece of tissue paper.

Creating a pattern Seam allowance Creating a Pattern Cut seam allowance

6.  Trace around the body with one pen and the other will automatically create your seam allowance.  You basically just created a whole new body.  Cut out the newly traced pattern.

7. Repeat the exact same process to create the sleeves.

Christmas Nightgown tutorial 1

I used this pattern to create this adorable Flannel Christmas Nightgown.

You can see the tutorial on Riley Blake Designs.

Riley Blake Flannel Nightgown Tutorial


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