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Boys Cuff Watch Tutorial by Just Another Day in Paradise
Hi! I am SO stinking excited to be here at Ucreate today. My name is
Larissa and I can be found over at Just Another Day in Paradise.
My blog is full of my everyday home, crafty, sewing, cooking, and family antics. It is my little corner of insanity sanity in a house full of men, three in miniature form and one full grown.
I heart a good fudgey brownie, tiny hand holders, a frilly dress, a prettily organized closet, toilets that clean themselves, a good fluff read, sleeping babies, spray paint, a bag of starbursts, meeting new friends, a good pair of running shoes, a good belly laugh, and awesome crafts geared for those with little men. Which leads me to the tutorial I have for all ya Ucreate readers…

Boys’ Cuff Watches
A watch any little man would be proud to wear.
These watches were made from things I found from a dollar store combined with a
small amount of materials I had in my craft storage..but you could make them from almost anything.
I used:
dollar store plastic watch
gray shammies
red work clothes
black felt
yellow felt
coordinating thread
hot glue
Cut off bands of watch.


Measure your little mans wrist making sure to account for overlap where the bands will velcro together, add 1/2 inch. Cut two strips from the gray cloth (any shammie) the length you measured by 2 1/2 inches wide.
Cut a strip from the red work cloth same length but 1- 1 1/2 inches wide.


Pin gray together, like sides facing. Sew around the outside with 1/4 inch seam,
leaving a opening for turning out. Turn out.


Sew around the entire outside edge of your cuff, making sure to close hole left for turning out.  I also sewed lines every 1/4 inch for texture.
Once your cuff is complete, pin red strip down the center.
Sew around the outside of the strip, I used gray thread.


Cut a strip of black felt 1″ long by 2 1/2″ wide.
Pin it on. Sew around the edges to secure in place.


Place and then sew velcro on the center front of one end and the center back of the other end, this will be the watches closure.


Apply hot glue liberally to the back of the watch face.
After finding the center of your cuff, place the watch face there and press firmly.
Set the time and step back and look at the awesome watch you just made the little man in your life.
AND…guess what…
it only cost about $3…just sayin’
Here is the different steps used to make the black and yellow watch…
Cut 2 cuff strips from black felt, and a strip from the gray shammie.
Sew the felt together, BUT DO NOT turn out, just sew together around
the outside and then sew the 1/4″ lines.
Attach gray strip.
Cut a yellow piece  1″ long by the width of the cuff.
Sew and attach.
Follow the rest of the steps of the gray and red watch.
Seriously, what boy wouldn’t want this watch, something nothing against Sponge Bob…
but these watches are way cooler.

Thanks Kari. It was fun to be here today!

just another day in paradise

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  1. says

    Honestly, a battery is probably more than the watch was originally.

    My suggestion would be to buy an extra dollar watch or two, keep them in storage and then when the battery runs out to gently pry off the watch face and attach another one.

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