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Hi!  I’m Susan from Living with Punks and I’m ultra-excited to be over here today at UCreate!  Kari certainly has an eye for all things fab and aren’t you so glad she narrows it down and shares her finds with all of us?

A little about me and my blog…I am mama to three little punks and wife to the biggest punk of them all.  Just kidding… hubby is actually very creative and handy, so needless to say, our household is one big project after another.  I love to blog about anything creative.  My posts mostly involve sewing, but I might throw in a few posts where I use some glue and may or may not include some bling.  Oh, and I love food, so I sprinkle in some recipes too.   I have alot of obsessions…We call them “my problems”.  Right now, I have a scarf problem.  You can see my most recent mania here, here and here  So, when Kari asked me to guest post, I knew what I was making, and I’m sure by now, you can make a wild guess too.  A Scarf!

But this is not your basic scarf…it’s a patchwork (another recent problem) version that is sure to please all those fashion-conscious kiddos of ours.  If you’ve never attempted a patchwork, don’t be scared away…It’s super easy and a great way to use up that stash of thrifted Tshirts waiting to be cut into.
I can totally see this being used in girly colors too, but I am happy to bring you a boy project because I know how scarce those can be {crickets}…
You ready?  Here we go…

Materials for one scarf: 1/2 yard fleece (you will have leftovers) Old Tshirts (I used 5) or use fabric scraps.  For my second scarf, I used scrap corduroy too! Contrasting thread Coordinating Thread Basic Sewing Supplies

1.  Begin by opening up your fabric out and lay flat.  From selvedge end to selvedge end (usually 60 inches), cut a 10 inch strip

2.  Take your Tshirts and begin cutting them.  Make some straight cuts and diagonal cuts.  Make one side straight, the other side diagonal!   Make sure the diagonal cuts are longer than the 10 inch width to account for the angle.  I made my diagonals about 14 inches long because we will trim them later anyway.  You can always cut all your scraps extra wide so you don’t have a problem with cutting later

3.  Lay out your design right side up and cut the diagonals to match.  Lay out the entire design before you begin sewing.  Your Tshirt patchwork design should be about 4-5 inches longer than your fleece to account for seam allowances you will be sewing

4.  Once you have your design chosen, begin sewing the patchwork together.  Working from one side, start with the second piece

5.  Place it RST on the end piece

6.  Sew with a 1/4″ seam allowance

     First seam sewn!  (betcha can’t say that 7 times real fast)

7.  Continue with the next piece, and keep it up until you have completed the design

8.  Here is what it will look like.  Be careful that your 10″ length scraps (if any) are all lined up so when you trim, they match up

9.  Now the fun part:  Create a free form pattern with a zig zag stitch in the solid colored Tshirt areas

Add a zig zag stitch in between seams too, for a bit of a rough look

Have fun with it and be creative.  Use different colored thread too!

10.  Once you are satisfied with the design, place the fleece RST on the patchwork design, lining up the edges

11.  Trim the excess of the Tshirt patchwork so all the edges are even

12.  Pin in place, making sure to mark a spot to leave un-sewn for turning later

13.  Using a 1/4″ seam, sew around the entire scarf except for the marked opening

14.  Clip all four corners

15.  Turn the scarf right side out, pushing out corners to make them nice and straight

16.  Pin the opening and hand sew closed
Wrap around your punk and turn him loose
Thanks for having me Kari!  Stop by Living with Punks anytime  :)


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    THANK YOU! I whipped up one of these for my toddler son tonight, it was fast and simple…I did change the dimensions a bit for him being smaller (6 inches wide by 42 inches long) Can’t wait for him to wake up in the morning and see it!! Thanks again!

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