Cutting Tools for Crafters Guide

Let’s talk about the different craft cutting tools out there!
By using the correct tool you can:
  • save time
  • be safe
  • protect your project
  • get a better, precise cut
  • your project looks better!
These babies can cut through cardboard, thin metal, batting for quilts, you name it. This is a favorite go-to scissor for cutting multiple layers. Fiskars has a pair called Amplify or “Smart scissors”.
If you need to cut into tiny places or small corners these are your must-have scissors. So great for appliqué, small paper-crafting, cards, etc. These points are super sharp so be careful!
These scissors are used to cut woven fabrics to keep it from fraying. These are very helpful when making clothes and can give that fun, zig-zag decorative edge.
These are pretty self-explanatory. These are perfect for stitching projects and you just need that tiny snip! Great for cutting thread but avoid them when cutting heavy yarn or fabric.
Having a great pair of fabric scissors makes sewing projects easier!
My favorite are the Gingher fabric scissors – they cut fabric like butter.  My family knows these are hands off for any other cutting…you will definitely ruin them by cutting paper…trust me from experience on this one!
I’ve never met a seamstress or quilter that does not use this tool. You can easily cut straight lines in no time. These blades go through multiple layers of fabric!
Tip – many crafters I’ve talked to buy one for fabric and another one for paper.
Most crafters will instantly recognize the bright, green olga cutting mat above. Not only is it a must-have for your rotary cutters, but it’s also a great craft tool for using Xacto knives, eyelet setters, and more! Tip – get the self healing version, they last much longer!
This goes hand in hand with the cutting mat making it simple to measure and cut at the same time. These rulers come in many different sizes! You can purchase square rulers, too – these make measuring quilt blocks a piece of cake!
I use this for countless projects like: photo trimming, scrapbooking, card making, school projects, and anything to do with paper! The swing out arm makes it great to measure wide items. My whole family uses this trimmer. Tip – I recommend the 12″ paper trimmer as the smaller versions limit the size of paper/photo you can use.
This trimmer is perfect for heavy materials or multiple cutting for invitations, flyers, etc.
Most bypass trimmers are self-sharpening (nor replacement blades needed) and include a built in grid and ruler for precise measuring and cutting.
Perfect for trimming and cutting when you are creating those beautiful flower arrangements.
Great for jewelry projects and wire crafting, too.
The heavy duty knife is so great when doing DIY projects using cardboard, grapevine wreaths, foam, and other thick craft materials.
My go-to is the “X-ACTO” knife brand and these are great for cutting careful, meticulous cuts while giving you lots of control.
Use for cutting card stock, acetate, thin plastic, thin metal, etc.
Do YOU have a favorite cutting tool not mentioned or any tips share?! 
Please share in the comments.
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