Decorate Ceramic with Sharpie Markers and Vinyl Designs

Have you seen the trend of decorating ceramic with Sharpie Markers?  I have seen some cute ceramic mugs completely dolled up, but I worry about the marker coming off or wearing away in time do to use.  Therefore, I haven’t tried it. That is until I found these adorable ceramic piggy banks at Tai Pan for $2 each.  I bought 5; one for each of my kids to decorate and 2 for me. :)

I am an artist and love to doodle so I have loads of Sharpie Markers around my house.  I also have a vinyl cutter (Silhouette) and thousands of fonts to choose from.  After measuring the space the design would go, I cut the vinyl names for my kids and grabbed the Sharpies.  We were so excited to decorate our little piggies…

My 12 year old son decided to do a rainbow around his name.  My little ones wanted to just color the whole area in completely.  I decided to do tiny dots around my designs (which my son told me is called pointillism).

I did clusters of dots close to the design and scattered the dots when I got further away from the design.

I did “Are we there yet?” for a vacation fund bank!  This will be for our summer travels this year.

Once we colored our banks, we waited about 15 minutes and then peeled off the vinyl.  My baby (Ellie) is peeling off her vinyl in the picture above…love the tongue sticking out.  She is very focused! The kids then drew eyes and curly tails on the piggies.  My kid’s personalities show in their art and I LOVE IT!

 I created this flower piggy for my cute neighbor next door.  It’s my favorite one!  In fact, I almost kept it (shhh…don’t tell.)

We had so much fun doing this little summer craft!  It was great fun to spend this time with my kids watching their creative wheels spin and seeing the fun designs they came up with.  The kids loved this craft and were super proud to display their new piggy banks in their rooms.

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