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I get to try out fun new products every now and then.  I love it when new innovative ideas come my way and I get to share them with you.  You are going to love this one!

When the Design Dye team gave me a chance to try out their fabric decorating kit I was totally intrigued by the product description:

“Founded in 1987 Design Dye was tested, proven and sold by QVC, Crayola, Tulip, and scholastic art suppliers (Dick Blick,Triarco) where it was a hit with pre-school and K-5 teachers. It is paper coated with a safe, NON-TOXIC, non-liquid dye, to be cut into shapes or patterns. Those designs are then printed into fabrics with the touch of an iron. Just recently this product has been updated and re-introduced, and is now once again available.”



Sounds amazing, right?  I couldn’t image paper that you iron on a shirt and it leaves a dye on the shirt.  AWESOME! I couldn’t wait to try it to make transform some shirts for the 4th of July.  Design Dye would be perfect for this project….and my kids can help! 


So, I got this incredible kit and went to work.

Design Dye American Flag Shirt

I cut some small red strips and a blue square with a star cut out.  You can also cut this special dye paper with any electronic craft cutter as well; just set your cutter to cut text weight paper.

With the fabric spray enclosed in the kit, I spritz the tank top where I wanted the design and let it dry.  The fabric spray just enhances the color of the dye paper you are about to iron on. It makes the color pop.

Design Dye DIY Paint

1.  Place the design on your prepped, dry fabric with the dye side down.

2.  Cover with provided tissue paper.




3.  Iron the design for about 30 seconds.

4.  Remove the tissue paper; you can see the dye working on the edges of the design.

DIY July 4th tank top

Take off the design paper and reveal your masterpiece!  What do you think?  I love it!  More importantly my daughter loves it.  We made 2 more of these shirts and had so much fun cutting the paper and seeing our creations come to light.

You have got to snag one of these amazing Design Dye Basic Fabric Kits!  They are only $19.99 and come with so much paper that you create numerous projects.  You’re kids will love creating with Design Dye!

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