DIY Gift Wrap Bows with Duct Tape

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Who doesn’t love duct tape?  We are always trying to find awesome things to create with this stuff.  The people at Scotch® sent me some Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape along with a challenge to create something holiday related. 

My first thought was to decorate gifts with it.  I created this fun bow stencil to doll up our Christmas neighbor gifts this year.  I created a printable stencil and made some pretty cute duct tape bows. 


#1 Scotch Duct Tape Bows with Stencil

Supply List:

Gift Bow Stencil

Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape Dottie & Cherry Red

-scissors and pen/sharpie

-Kraft wrapping paper


#2 Stencil Bow for Christmas gift wrap

#1: Print out the stencil.

#2: Cut out the “bow” part of the stencil and the tiny rectangle piece.

#3 Christmas Bows

#3: Cut two 8 inch pieces of duct tape and tape them to each other.

#4 Gift Wrap DIY

#4: Trace the “bow” stencil with a pen or marker onto the 8 inch piece.

#5: Cut out the “bow”

#6: Cut the tiny rectangle out of duct tape using the stencil and tape it to the edge of your table for now.

#5 Create a Bow with duct tape

#7: Fold the ends of your “bow” into the middle.

#8: Wrap the tiny rectangle around the middle of the bow.

Christmas Gift Wrap Idea at



I wrapped little presents in kraft paper. The I cut a long piece of duct tape and wrap it around the box and adhered the bow to the box with a glue dot.

It would also be great to create a variety of boxes and bows and decorate a mantle or table with them!

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