DIY Ribbon Christmas Card Display Frame


Christmas Ribbon Pack

Hey all, it’s Kellee again.  I am excited to share my Ribbon Christmas Card Display Frame with you today.  I had so much fun making it and I am excited to share the tutorial with you.  It’s simple, inexpensive and totally useful…not to mention super cute!

DIY Ribbon Christmas Card Display Frame

For this craft you will need:

-6 yards of coordinating Christmas Ribbon

-1/2 yard of Red Tulle for accent

-Large Frame

-Red glossy spray paint

-Heavy-duty Stapler and staples

-decorative clothespins


DIY Ribbon Christmas Card Tutorial

Step #1: Take a large frame and spray paint it glossy red…or whatever amazing Christmas color you want.

Christmas Ribbon Frame Tutorial

Step #2: Lay the frame on the ground and arrange the ribbon behind it.

Christmas Card Display Tutorial

Step #3: Once you get the ribbon how you like it, take a marker and one ribbon at a time, and mark on the side of the frame where you want the staple.

Display Christmas Cards

Step #4:  Pick up that one ribbon you marked on the frame and staple the ribbon to the back.  Make sure to pull the ribbon kind of tight so it will be able to hold the weight of Christmas cards and still hold its shape.

Step #5: Lay the frame back down on your arranged ribbons on the ground and mark where the next ribbon goes, pull tight and staple to the back. As I was stapling the ribbons to the back, I would weave them in front of and behind the ribbons I had already placed on the frame. This is just a matter of taste.  No plan to my madness, just what I thought looked good.

Christmas Tulle

Step #6: Finally, tie some small pieces of red tulle where some of the ribbons cross just to add some more fun and dimension!

I LOVE how everything turned out and am so excited to get Christmas cards so I can hang them on it.


Kellee Belnap

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