Embroidery Hoop Pin Cushion Tutorial


I’m so excited to introduce you to Stacie at Yellow Spool!

She will be our creative guest providing a mini series of embroidery hoop tutorials this week that you are sure to LOVE!

First up?

Embroidery Hoop Pin Cushion Tutorial

embroidery hoop pin cushion tutorial by yellow spool


Small embroidery hoop

Cork cupboard liner

Scrap of fabric

Fiber fill

Hot glue gun


embroidery hoop pin cushion 1

1- Separate the two pieces of the embroidery hoop and lay the inner hoop (the piece with no fastener) on the cork and trace the inside circle twice. Try to angle the pen to get as accurate of a tracing as possible. Cut out both circles.

embroidery hoop pin cushion 2

2- Lay the inner embroidery hoop down on top of newspaper or a brown paper bag, and place the cork inside with the sticky side facing the inside of the hoop. Use a hot glue gun to secure the edges of the cork to the embroidery hoop.

embroidery hoop pin cushion 3

3- Loosen the outer hoop, and stuff it with fabric, and a large handful of fiber fill.

embroidery hoop pin cushion 4

4- Put the inner embroidery hoop back in place, with the non-glued/non-sticky side of the cork touching the fiber fill. Pull the fabric tight from the back side, and tighten the embroidery hoop fastener as needed.

embroidery hoop pin cushion 5

5- Trim the excess fabric, leaving about 1″ around the edges. Fold them down and glue in place.

6- Hot glue the sticky side of the other cork circle. Place it over the back side of the pin cushion to hide the raw edges of the fabric, and hold firmly until the glue sets.

Thanks for having me, and I do hope you’ll stop by Yellow Spool sometime (maybe learn a little more about that spool of thread I have displayed on my shelf).


This is going on my “to-do” list ASAP! Stacie is full of creativity and talent. Make sure to stop by the Yellow Spool to see projects like these…

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