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DIY Fabric & Trim Cards

Hi Riley Blake Fabric lovers!  I am happy to be here sharing another project with you all.  This month I was able to get my hands on the beautiful LOVEY DOVEY COLLECTION by Doodle Bug.  This fabric, along with the buttons and trim made perfect embellishments for some cards I made…

1 Embellish cards with fabric and trim

Supply List:

-Package of white cards and envelopes.

-3 fat quarters of coordinating fabrics

-coordinating trim and buttons

-stiff fusible interfacing (thicker than wonder under)

-digital craft cutter or scissors

-sewing machine with matching thread

I took three coordinating fabrics and ironed some stiff fusible interfacing on the back.  The fusible interfacing is thicker than wonder under and feels plastic-like.  Then I used a digital craft cutter (ie, Cricut, Silhouette, etc) and cut out a bunch of hexagons, triangles and flowers.  You can easily use scissors and stencils to cut your desired shapes as well.  The best thing about the interfacing is that I was able to iron the shapes right onto the cardstock rather than gluing the fabric down.  It made these handmade cards so much more fun to make. 

Card #1: Love You!

RBD Handmade Card tutorial

Hexagons are a huge trend right now and I LOVE IT!  I see a bunch of ladies making hexi quilts; why not make a hexi card?  Give it a try! For this card I used 16 hexagons that are about 1” around. 

Love You card

Step #1: Arrange the hexagons how you want them.  Leave some white space in between. Iron the hexagons down (or glue them on if you aren’t using interfacing).

Step #2:  Sew some hexagons in the white space.  I love the dimension this creates.  It just adds more interest and finished lines.

Step #3: Add a personal touch by handwriting your sentiment.  Even if you think your hand writing is ugly, it’s just more personal.


Card #2: Button Embellished Flower

Flower embellished card

This is the simplest card of them all.  Seriously, it took all off 5 minutes to make…if that.  I cut a 2” flower and used some amazing ruffled ribbon from the LOVEY DOVEY collection.

Flower Card tutorial

Step #1:  Glue a 2” piece of ruffle ribbon in the middle of the card.  Attach the flower to the top of the ribbon.

Step #2:  Stitch around the inside of the flower and around the card, creating a border.

Step #3:  Glue the button in the center and you are done!


Card #3: Celebrate!

Handmade Banner Card

These fun banners have been around for a while now, but they never get old…at least, not to me.  I love to use them on birthday cards or party invitations. 

Banner Card tutorial

Step #1:  Arrange 6 triangles around the corner of a blank card and adhere them down.

Step #2:  Sew this tiny fringe trim along the top of the triangles.

Step #3: Hand write your sentiment…yes, even if you hate your handwriting.

Step #4:  Sew a frame around your sentiment…twice.

It’s always fun being here at the Riley Blake Blog.  Come and see me at U Create!

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