Free Printable: Valentine Gum Wrappers

Kari and I are having so much fun making fun free printables for classroom Valentine’s.  My kids will see candy or party favors and try to make up puns for Valentine’s Day…some of them get pretty creative.  However, for the bubble gum wrappers I did a generic “Happy Valentine’s Day”saying…at the request of my son.  

Supplies Needed:

Bubblicious Bubble Gum packages
Tape Runner or glue dots

This is seriously so simple.  Just print out, sign and wrap the paper around the pack of gum.

Have your little one sign the wrappers on the blue line with a marker.

Glue one edge of the paper to the skinny side of the gum. Wrap around the gum pack and glue the other edge down.

I love this Valentine for a boy or a girl, however, I made this printable with dark colors because my son was saying how “everything is pink and red and girlie.”  

I will have to share some of the funny puns my kids have come up with while we shopped for party favors and candy for this fun series we have been doing.  Kari and I have come up with some crazy laugh-out-loud ones as well.  That’s a post for another day. 😉 

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