Free Stitchable: Winter Reindeer


U Create has another free stitching pattern for winter! Add the button for a Christmas look or leave it off for a year-round rustic look!

Introducing another free stitchable for this holiday season!

You can stitch this up in no time and it’s fun to frame or place on a pillow for your home décor.



1. Trace the reindeer onto your fabric.

2. Stitch the pattern in DMC White using 2 strands.

3. Attach button using red thread – I used DMC321 (Christmas Red).

4. Frame it or turn it into a pillow using this 10-minute throw pillow tutorial!

Modern Rudolph Stitching Pattern by U Create

Rudolph Reindeer Stitching Pattern by U Create

Design by Kari Sweeten

Stitched by Danielle Hansen

© Ucreate, LLC. For personal use only.

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