DIY Hair Bow Holder Tutorial

Fancy Frame Bow Holder Tutorial
I went to Goodwill on a mission:
To find the funkiest frame I could find…

Hello?!! FOUND IT!

A little glossy turquoise spray paint please.

Oh my goodness, I love those details.
Okay, this frame would look fabulous on anything but I have something particular in mind.

Flip the frame over and measure ribbon to stretch from top to bottom with a little extra and hot glue (I’d use a staple gun if your frame is made of wood) the ribbon, evenly spaced (mine are about 2 inches apart) to the top.
Then, when the glue is dry, glue it (or staple it) straight to the bottom of the frame. Let dry and finally, attach all of those little girly hair bows that are floating around your house

Seriously, so easy my friends.

WA LA, you have a “funky bow holder thingy”.
It’s like art with a purpose… I love multi-tasking!

Hair Bow Holder Tutorial

Ooooh, I just had another idea…
Oh my goodness, I’m off to Goodwill, I need another funky frame quick!

Happy crafting!

😉 Kathryn at nannygoat
PS Thanks for letting me come and visit U create, Kari!

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  1. says

    I was so in love that I posted my hot pink one on my blog, and people love this thing. I left your link as well so they could see “The real deal.” Thank you for the wonderful inspiration! Such a darling project and you’ve inspired lots of mommies with overpowering hair clippies… You’re making the world a better place one hair clip project at a time. (grin)

  2. says

    I NEED to know where you found that color of spray paint!!! I’ve been searching high and low for that exact color for a chair!! Could you please let me know where you got it?

    There’s a link to my email in my profile. Thanks so much!!

    Oh, and adorable project by the way!!

  3. says

    I saw this blog post a few months ago when looking for a creative DIY bow holder for my princess. :) Since then, I have been on the lookout for a funky frame, and *finally* I found it yesterday. I swung by Walmart to get some seafoam colored spray paint and ribbon, and hurried home. I found this page again to get a fresh look at the spacing of the ribbon, and lo and behold, I BOUGHT THE EAXCT SAME FRAME/PIC!!!! I laughed so hard to see your lady with the ducks looking just like mine! $5 wells spent! I’m planning to experiment with different colored ribbons. Hope it turns out as cute as yours! Thanks for the idea!!!

  4. says

    I gotta say I just found this picture on Pinterest and thought the frame looked just like the one I bought today! Yup!! Same picture of the farm girl! I painted my frame white and painted the glass with chalk board paint! Its drying right now. Too funny! Great frame! How is yours holding up….I was alittle concerned spray painting it since it is plastic and I didnt use plastic spray paint.

  5. says

    So glad I found this page! I have big bows as well as teeny tiny infant hair clips that wont clip onto wider ribbons. With this project, I customized using both wide and narrow ribbon. It turned out absolutely perfect. Thank you!

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