Christmas Soap Neighbor Gift Idea

I don’t know about you all, but the sheer number of neighbor gifts we give out every year (35 or so!!) forces me to keep it really simple and cheap. I also like to keep it low calorie. And, the punny-er the better.

The gift in all of this is quite simply the soap. What makes it fun is the packaging! You could use dollar store soap or WalMart soap or make your own from the milk of the goats you keep in your backyard…just get some soap! For illustration purposes, I’ll be using Twisted Peppermint from Bath & Body Works. I love that place. The year that we actually did this for neighbors, I stacked enough coupon codes to get the soaps for around $1.72 each, so keep your eyes open for deals!


Supplies: Soap Papers for the tag Glue stick Distress Ink (optional) Hole punch Sharpie, pen, marker…something to write with Ribbon Adhesive roller (optional)

You’re going to make a tag that says “Wishing you a holiday full of peace, joy, and hope!” You can make this however you want. I used the print and cut feature on my Silhouette for the first time ever and I’m in love. I then cut a slightly larger background paper (again with my Silhouette).


Take your Distress Ink and ink up the edges, if you want. I wanted.


(Note: This is the same piece of cardstock. I just decided I liked the pattern on the back better half way through.)

Glue your text piece to your background paper with your glue stick and punch a hole in the top.


Brace yourselves because here’s the part where we get CRAZY:

Take your Sharpie and cross out the word hope.


Just do it.

Now write in the word “soap” in its place.


See? Punny!

This next part is a little trick I use pretty much any time I need to tie a ribbon to something and don’t want it slipping or turning.

Take your adhesive roller and roll some right down the center of the middle section of your ribbon (the part that will be wrapped around the soap bottle).


Stick the ribbon on your bottle.

Repeat with other colors of ribbon, if you’re using them.


See how those ribbons just stick there nicely? You won’t need a buddy to come put their finger in the knot!

Tie it up and attach the tag and then trim the ribbons as desired.


And you’re done!


Thanks for having me, Kari!

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