Graduation Cap Headband Tutorial



DIY Graduation Cap Headband tutorial

Graduation season is coming so soon…too soon for some of us, right?  In honor of the graduate, I thought I would show you a spin on the typical graduation cap.  These headband are adorable for any age.  My teenage cousin tried it on and looked dang cute!  I made these little hats for a graduation party, but you can make these little accessories for any graduation event and any age…

DIY Graduation Cap

1. I ripped the top of the ribbon spool because it was the perfect size to make a tiny tassel.

2.  Cut it in half.

3. Wrap the silver cord around it until you have the desired thickness.  I wrapped it about 15 times.

4.  Slide some scissors through one end and cut the ribbon. Don’t let go of the ribbon…it will not be fun to put it all together.

DIY Graduation tassel tutorial

5.  Hold the middle tight and with the help of child labor, cut a piece of long piece silver ribbon.  This will be what hangs the tassel.

6.  Take the long piece you just cut and tie the middle of the tassel together…tight.

7.  Now you need to tie a small piece of ribbon around the tassel {otherwise, it looks like a spidery mess. :)}

8.  Tie a tight knot…a couple times if you want.  Clip the ends short and your tassel is done.

3 Graduation Cap Tutorial

9.  I glued the end of the tassel string to my button. 

10.  Stitch or glue the button in the middle of a 5” x 5” piece of glitter cardstock.

4 DIY graduation cap with headband

11. Create the base of the cap.  Mine is two 5” x 1.5” pieces stapled together.

12.  Time to put the whole thing together. 

13.  Use chipboard { or a cereal box} and cut a 2” strip.  Glue the middle of the chipboard to middle of the hat top.  Fold sides down so that you can glue the sides to the inside of the cap base.

14.  Glue chipboard sides to the base and you have a graduation cap.

DIY Headband graduation hat

To add the headband, I cut another piece of chipboard to go underneath the base.  Before gluing the chipboard to the base however, I glued it to the headband then stitched it in place.  Glue the chipboard with attached headband to the base of the graduation cap. 

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Check out that adorable graduate!

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