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Need an easy Halloween favor? I was assigned to bring a classroom Halloween bingo treat for 20 Kindergartens. I decided to do a non-candy treat, but something that the kids will still like (hopefully). Enter the Halloween Popcorn Party Favors. These popcorn party favors are easy and fun to make with the kids!

Halloween Popcorn Party Favors @ u-createcrafts.com

Supply List

Popcorn Bags

Construction Paper

Googly Eyes

Double sided tape


X-acto Knife (makes life easier)

Free Templates from Ucreate with Kids

Instructions for Pumpkin,Vampire, Cat :

Pumpkin Vampire Cat Popcorn Favors

Wrap the popcorn in a 8.5”x 6” paper and secure with tape. Print out the template to cut out shapes.   Attach the cutout paper and eyes with double sided tape!

{click here to download Pumpkin/Vampire/Cat template}

Instructions for Frankenstein:

Frankenstein Party Favor

Wrap popcorn bags in green 8.5” x 6” paper.Pinch sides to crease. Print out the template and cut out the pieces you need. Take the paper off the popcorn. Using the x-acto knife, cut a slit on each side near the bottom of the paper to insert the black bolts. Tape the bolts on the inside of the paper.Tape the paper to the bag. Add hair and eyes

Instructions for Witch:

witch party favor

Wrap popcorn bag in green 8.5” x 6”paper. Tape the paper to the bag. Cut out the hat from the template. I used the template for Frankenstein’s hair for the witch, only I made it longer on the sides. Add eyes!

{click here to download Witch & Frankenstein template}

Instructions for Spider, Monster, Mummy:

Alien spider mummy


Use a 8.5” x 6” paper wrap the popcorn bag and pinch the sides of the bag. Take the paper off and cut 3, 1” slits on each side of the spider.  Cut out 6 black legs 1’”x 1.5”. Put the legs in the slits and tape on the inside of the paper. Tape the paper to the popcorn bag and add eyes!


Use a 8.5”x 6” white paper to wrap the popcorn bag and tape the paper to the bag. Use 3, 1.5” x 8.5” strips to wrap on popcorn bag to create the “wrapped” look. Add eyes!


Use a 8.5” x 6” colored paper to wrap the popcorn bag and tape it to the bag. Add 3 eyes!!!

Easy peasy!


Halloween Popcorn Party Favors


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