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So, I totally taught myself how to print on a paper bag and I LOVE doing it. This is such a simple and quick way to create a fun personalized gift bag.  I am using these for Valentine Gifts for me kids. I choose the saying “Love You More” because that is what I always say to them.  You could create ones with your child’s name for their lunch.  Make one for hubby, too…Love-252520you-252520more-252520Valentine-252520Bag-252520Tutorial-252520u-createcrafts.com_thumb-25255B5-25255D


White Lunch Bags


Bag filler (I used Foil Shreddings)


Hole punch

Plenty of candy!


Instructions to use to create a label:









Print your label on a lunch sack:

Decide where you want the image.  I moved the image around and printed a page or two until I liked where it ended up.


Once you are happy with the position, print a final time and tape the lunch bag where you want the label. It’s the same kind of technique I used for making these Halloween Party Awards.


Change the print settings to the “best quality” and feed the paper (with the bag) into your printer.  Carefully take the tape off and you have a perfectly printed bag.
Love-252520you-252520more-252520Valentine-252520Bag-252520Tutorial-25252011_thumb-25255B5-25255DFill the bags with treasures and fold the top down.  Pop two holes in the top.Valentine-252520Gift-252520Bag-252520Tutorial-25252012_thumb-25255B2-25255D

Tie some twine in a knot and you have a darling VALENTINE GIFT BAG!

Valentine Gift Bag Tutorial 13


I would love to see what creations you make with this technique of printing on a lunch sack.  Send them my way:

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