Interchangeable Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Interchangeable Burlap Wreath Tutorial - for all seasons!!

I love wreaths and I love to DIY wreaths for the different seasons.  I have one for every season, but it’s tough to store them and remember to get them out.  Yeah, I know it sounds lazy, but I am all for taking the “path of least resistance.”  So, I came up with the idea of making an interchangeable holiday wreath.  The actual wreath took little time to create and even less time to change it up for the current season.  This tutorial will walk you through how to create a beautiful burlap wreath and the best way I have found to make it interchangeable.

Supplies Needed:

-Burlap Ribbon (You then need 2 to three yards of burlap. This can vary depending on how full you make your wreath.  I got 2 yards.  And I found a burlap from JoAnn’s craft that has a gold speckle in it, and I LOVE It!)

-Foam Core Wreath

T Pins  (You need “T” pins. Otherwise regular pins will go right through the burlap.)

-Holiday Decorations: 
(I like simple, so I don’t buy a lot, but I tend to buy more than I need, and then take back what I don’t need. Because its difficult to know how it going to look.)  

With the burlap folded in half I cut long strips of fabric that were about 4 to 5 inches wide. To completely hide the styrofoam, I wrapped the strips around the wreath and pinned each piece until the whole wreath was covered.

I took a strip and pinched one end and pinned it down, and then I twisted the burlap and pinned it again so as to make a bubble. And then pinched and pinned it again.  And then just keep repeating that and tucking it and pinning each time.  

How big you make the “bubbles” or twists and where to tuck and pin, depends on how full you want your wreath to look.  Mine took about 9 strips and I didn’t worry about making it full on the sides of the wreath, just the front of it. But when it hangs, you can’t see the sides because they are covered in burlap and it looks fine. Also, don’t worry about making mistakes or making them all perfect, or at least for me, the goal was to not look “perfect.”  I wanted the frayed edges too.  So I like the strings hanging all over.  But its up to you. You can clip those to make it look more “clean.”

When I was finished, I pinned some of the “bubbles” that didn’t look right to me. So you can still tweak it after you have finished wrapping it.

St. Patrick’s Wreath:
Green sprigs
Stacking Clovers
hot glue/gun

I then took the decorations I decided to use and I glued them to a strip of the burlap. I took about a four inch size and folded it in half to make it stronger.  I glued the St. Patrick’s Day decor to the strip. Then wrapped the strip around the wreath and pinned it four times in the back of the wreath.  You cannot even tell that wrap is there.  And the pins and hot glue have worked well. This has been on my door through cold, and wind, living here in Ohio and it has held together fine.

Spring Wreath:
Bright Flower spread
Little bird cage
hot glue/gun

And then to transition this to spring, so that this is not just a one month wreath, it was easy to remove the pins and make another burlap strap with spring flowers.  I cut it like a big U, so that it had two straps and was long on the back so that I could glue several flowers to the back of it.  I just wrapped the straps around the wreath and pinned them in the back of the wreath on both sides to secure it well.  
I found this little bird in a cage.  Who could resist that in your spring wreath?  So incredibly cute! And I just pinned that up between the “bubbles” of the wreath. And it hangs nice and cute in the middle!
We would love to see your take on an interchangeable wreath.  Create your own and send us a picture.  

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    I did this last year when I needed a wreath, but didn’t know what the future would hold for me (post divorce.) Anyway, I made my wreath with burlap ribbon (2 – 5 yd rolls) and a metal wreath form. I’ve been changing out the decor on it ever since!!! I love it, cause it’s SO MUCH easier to store the “decorations” rather than each wreath!!!

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