Jack-O-Lantern Oreo Pops Tutorial



chocolate covered oreos for halloween

I love Halloween! It makes me want to celebrate with my kids all month long! The chocolate-covered Oreos are a easy and fun activity that the whole family can enjoy together.

Oreo Pumpkins DIY


What You Need

Lollipop Sticks

Orange Melting Chocolate

Black decorating gel


2” Cookie Tray????? Amazon

orange chocolate oreos

Making the chocolate covered Oreos is easy. Melt your chocolate using a microwave safe bowl the  microwave. I then scooped the chocolate into the mold.  The chocolate is hot so make this the adult or older kids job!

Have the kids twist the cookies apart. I tried using the whole cookies but it was harder to eat. This way you also use less cookies ( and can hide the leftovers for yourself!) Next have the kids place the lollipop sticks on the mold. Then put chocolate over the top of the cookies!



halloween activities for kids

Allow the chocolate to dry.

Oreo jack-o-latern

Time to decorate!!! Let your kids go wild with the black decorating gel. The gel doesn’t have a favor. It does dry if you wait long enough.   My kids decorated and ate their treats right away!

Kid friendly jak-o-lanterns


diy oreo jack-o-lantern


My daughter’s review of the cookie, “It’s awesome!”




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