Monsters University Student ID Card Photo Prop

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DIY Monsters University Student ID Card Photo prop at

My children and I LOVED Monster University.  My husband and son were camping when it came to theaters, so my daughters and I had a girl’s night out.  We stocked up on Red Vines and buttery popcorn and went to see Monster University; we laughed until our sides hurt. 

I am excited to share a tutorial with you on how to make a Monsters University Student ID Photo Booth Prop.  This would be great for a Monsters themed birthday party or for your upcoming Halloween party. The kids will love this!

9 Monster University Student ID poster


-Foam Core Poster Board

-Utility Knife

-Straight Edge Ruler

-Blue Paint/Foam Brush

-Black Marker

-Digital Craft Cutter and Vinyl (or create freezer paper stencils like this)


2 Foam Core Board and Photo Prop

Step #1:  With a pencil, draw a straight line across your foam core board poster board five inches from the bottom.


11 Student ID Card Template

Step #2:  Create a 12” x 12” square about 5 inches in from the right side of your board and 2 inches up from the bottom.  (You do not have to be this exact; I realize not everyone is as OCD as me. :) )  Next, create another square just 1/4” smaller than the 12” squared one.


4 DIY Party ideas Monsters U

Step #3: Using the utility knife, carefully cut out the inner square.  I cut the board on my self-healing cutting mat which I typically use for cutting fabric.  (Give the inner square piece to your children and watch them try to throw it like a Frisbee around the house.)

5 Monster University Blue 6 Monster University party sign outlined

Step #4:  Paint the bottom part and around the square with “Monster University” blue.  Outline with a thick black marker to hide the fact that maybe you can’t paint the straightest of lines. 

7 Monster University Sign

Step #5: Create the “STUDENT” letters with your digital vinyl cutter, large stickers, or the freezer paper stencil method I mentioned above.  You can even free hand it or have a child paint it for a more personal touch.  I also created the university insignia and “Monsters University” using the ‘trace tool’ in my digital craft cutting program.  You can print these out using the sample ID card I found on Disney Studios Pinterest page here, then trace the images and cut to create a stencil or just glue the printed images right on. 

Monster University ID Card for Party

Step #6: Hang a black table cloth as a photo backdrop and take pictures of your guests.  I think it would be fun to print them out as labels for cups, treats, etc. at a party! 

Grab your copy of Monsters University Blu-Ray Combo-Pack October 29th; you can also pre-order it NOW! Seriously, this is truly one worth watching again and again. 

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