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For my birthday last year, my Mother-in-Law scored me this awesome Baker’s Rack.  When she brought it over, I knew just what to do with it.  I have been wanting to get a small desk for my kitchen instead of the big awkward one I had.  My kitchen was beginning to look more like an office than a kitchen.  So I decided to turn the Baker’s rack into a Blogger’s Desk.  With a little face lift this “desk” is going to rock.  Check out my REFURBISHED BAKER’S RACK tutorial and see how I stenciled the top using my Silhouette Digital Cutter!

Baker's Rack Refinished Tutorial 1

First, I took off the bottom rack and got rid of it completely.  (Remember, I want an office chair to fit underneath.)  Then I took off the wood piece by taking out a bunch of screws. 


Baker's Rack Refinished Tutorial 2

Now, to spray paint.  Bring on the purple!  I cleaned and dried the metal really well before applying my favorite Valspar primer.  The next day I applied the purple (Valspar Eggplant) and let it dry a couple days.


Baker's Rack Refinished Tutorial 4

Meanwhile, I sanded and sanded the “desktop” until it was nice and smooth and natural looking.


Baker's Rack Refinished Tutorial 5

Next, I used a sticky cheese cloth and wiped off all the pesky sawdust…which was everywhere.  Then I added a coat of white spray paint.  I can’t remember the name of the paint, but I am positive it was Valspar…I rarely use anything else.


Baker's Rack Refinished Tutorial 6

I wanted the edges of the desk to be purple so I taped off the edge and laid a large piece of cardboard on top.  Then I applied the purple spray paint.


Baker's Rack Refinished Tutorial 7

I love when you get the exact result you dreamed of getting.  I took off the tape and was so happy to see the crisp clean line around the edge.  Looking good, right?


Baker's Rack Refinished Tutorial 8

Next, I chose a pattern from the Silhouette Online Store and sized it to the size I needed then I cut it out of vinyl.  I cut 4 12×24 inch pieces and I got rid of the part I wanted purple.  Remember you are using it as a stencil and will eventually discard the vinyl.  You kind of have to think backwards…get rid of the part of the pattern you would normally keep.  I laid the pattern pieces on the clean white desktop and applied a couple of coats of purple spray paint.


Baker's Rack Refinished Tutorial 9

Then, I took the vinyl pieces off with the Silhouette Hook while the paint was still wet.  Be careful! You will get paint on your hands.  Wear an apron or paint clothes.


Baker's Rack Refinished Tutorial 10

The end result was a bit too stark and white for me, so I applied some wood stain.  I let the stain dry and roughed it up with a piece of sandpaper.  Then I sprayed a protective Polyurethane coat on top.


Baker's Rake Refinish Tutorial 13

I reassembled everything and couldn’t wait to start using it!  I LOVE how this turned out.  It turned out even better than my brain imagined.

Baker's Rake Refinish Tutorial 12

Now, my little office space no longer takes up my entire kitchen and it looks great. 

Baker's Rake Refinish Tutorial 14

 Now to refurbish an amazing office chair.  How should I do it?  What color should I paint it?

Refinish Chair Before


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    That looks amazing! I wish my office celling wasn’t sloped … I’d totally do it! I was thinking you should do the chair in a little bit lighter purple, but now that I look at it again, maybe the same color? Or the lighter color of the wood in the desktop? What ever you do, make a cushion :) *HUGS*

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