Rhinestone Olympic Rings Tee Tutorial

rhinestone olympic shirt tutorial

Recently I was given the Silhouette Studio Deluxe Edition for the Silhouette Cameo and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
This program has all the basic features that come with the original Silhouette Studio Software plus a bunch of new features that I cannot wait to show you.

I am going to show you how I made this adorable RHINESTONE OLYMPIC RINGS SHIRT with the Deluxe Edition Software.  Normally you would be limited to the Rhinestone Designs in the Silhouette Online Store or the ones that come with the starter kit (which are super cute), but with this new software you can customize and create original designs.
And here is how:
Step #1 Rhinestone Olympic Rings
STEP 1: Use the Ellipse Tool to create a circle.  {My circle is 2.570 inches because it is for a child’s shirt.  If it is for a hat you might want to go a bit smaller; for an adult shirt you should go bigger.}
STEP 2: Copy and paste the circle 5 times.
Step #2 Rhinestone Olympic Rings
STEP 3: Move the 5 circles into place to create the Olympic Rings.
STEP 4: Highlight all the rings in one big box.
Step #3 Rhinestone Olympic Rings1 
STEP 5: Click on the Rhinestone Tool located on the top menu bar.
Step #4 Rhinestone Olympic Rings
STEP 6: On the right tool bar you see all your rhinestone options. Starting at the top of the sidebar: Click EDGE to outline your design. {NOTE: THE RINGS DON’T INTERSECT VERY PRETTY AT THIS POINT. DON’T WORRY, WE WILL FIX THIS} 
Click the size of Silhouette Rhinestones you are using. For this project I used 16ss. You can adjust the spacing and see what you like, but I usually just leave it on 1. At the bottom of the sidebar you will see how many rhinestones you will use for the image you are creating.
Step #4 Rhinestone Olympic Rings 
Step #5 Rhinestone Olympic Rings
STEP 7: Let’s fix where the rings intersect.  Click one of the rings and move it until it lays exact with the “rhinestone hole” of the ring next to it.  I don’t use the mouse with this process.  The keyboard arrows are more exact.  Work on all the rings until they all intersect nice and pretty like the above picture.
STEP 8: Cut it and create your masterpiece according to the instructions that come with your Rhinestone Kit.
Silhouette Rhinestone Tutorial
I had a lot of fun playing with the rhinestone setting on the new software.  I love that you can literally customize any design you want!
Pick Me Up TOOL
One helpful tool when working with the Silhouette Rhinestones is the PICK ME UP TOOL.  This thing is amazing.  I couldn’t image trying to pick up every rhinestone with my adult fingers.  Even tweezers were a pain.  The Pick Me Up tool has a sticky stretchy tip that picks those tiny gems up with ease.  It is a must have!


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