Ric Rac Flower Tutorial by Oh for Sweetness Sake

Ric Rac Flower Tutorial

There’s something about rick rack that just shouts playful and cute to me! Does it have the same effect on you, or am I just talking to myself on this one? These flowers have been on my ‘to make’ list for some time now. I first saw one in a cutesy little downtown shop where we live, it was attached to the front of an apron waistband, I thought to myself they’d make really cute hair clips. 
I went ahead and purchased the medium sized rick rack recommended.
Under $7 bucks not
   So the baker in me wants to start by telling you to “preheat” your glue guns. I know from experience if I don’t remember to do this first I’ll get distracted waiting for it to heat up, make a neat little pile on the edge of my kitchen counter somewhere and leave it there, oh for say…. more than a day or two. It’s the kids fault really, they always find me?
I measured two pieces of rick rack and cut them at 20 inches long,  placed them under the foot on my sewing machine and twisted the two pieces together. I then clipped the bottom of the rick rack with an alligator clip so it wouldn’t come undone as I was sewing. I sewed along one side.
I began rolling adding smalls dots of hot glue along the way
when you come to the tail end, tuck and glue it to the bottom of your flower to secure it in place.
I wanted mine to resemble flowers more than rosettes
so using my fingers I opened and pressed back almost every layer.
This is how I make the base of my clips
I sandwich a piece of ribbon between an alligator clip
apply glue to the top side only and press.Glue inside the little dilly of the clip(where my thumb is,
can’t think of what that part is called) follow it around with a dot of glue on the bottom side, cut your ribbon.

There’s a picture of what the bottom side of the clip should look like when you scroll down which is more helpful.
I used craft felt, cut a leaf and a circle
sandwich the felt circle in the clip
apply more glue, place your flower over and press.
I love how they turned out!
How fabulous and funny is Jesselle?!  Did you know she is a brand new blogger and you can check out her fabulous creativity over at Oh for Sweetness Sake?!
I’m her newest follower. I love new bloggers!
Hop on over there and find these projects…

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Thanks Jesselle!



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  1. says

    Wow what a great way to make the fabric flowers, seems easier to handle for somebody with hands that don’t work as well as you youngters. (I’m an old lady with arthritic hands).That technique is an avenue to work out so many other materials to implement. Thanks for sharing an excellent tutorial.

  2. says

    I just made a smaller version (1 inch diameter), but did not feel like hauling out my sewing machine. So, I just wove the ric-rac together, held it temporarily in place with clips and it stayed (might just be my style of ric-rac). When I hot glued the flower together, it held everything in place. I made a much smaller version, but flared the outer “petals” as well, to be used on cards and mini gift bags. Very easy. Thanks for sharing.

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