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DIY Headboard for Boys (and Special Vinyl Offer)

I have been busily making over my kids' bedrooms so they can switch rooms. Now I have a bunch of tutorials to share with you as I completely redid both rooms.  

What started this process?  It's really simple and I cannot believe I didn't think of it before.

My son's room is bigger, he is almost 12 so his toys are more electronic, he keeps his room clean and his room is away from the entryway (meaning it's not the first thing everyone sees when they walk in).  My daughters' room is small, their toys are always scattered everywhere (including spilling out into the entryway) and they share a room so they are in need of more space.  It just makes sense that the children sharing a room get the bigger room, right? 

After spending weeks on Pinterest, scouring thrift stores and mulling things over in my head, I finally decided that I was ready to just dive in and completely redo both bedrooms. 

Today, we are starting with my son's room.  Well, I am really only showing you one wall, but I will eventually reveal more.  I promise!
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