Silhouette Christmas Advent Calendar Tutorial


Christmas Advent Calendar

Last year I began a new tradition with my children: a service advent calendar.  We call it Random Acts of Christmas Kindness or R.A.C.K.  When I told them of the opportunity we have to make a advent calendar with Silhouette’s new product, they immediately recommended we do another year of R.A.C.K.  As their momma, I was so proud to see that last years experience was so memorable that my little ones wanted to do it again.  {Partly because every time we perform our daily act of kindness my 10 year old son says, “We just RACK’ed that person,” then he giggles.}

While the kids got started brainstorming 24 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness, I got to work playing with the new Silhouette Advent Calendar…and creating a tutorial for you!


Silhouette Christmas Advent Calendar

My favorite people at Silhouette sent me this Limited Edition Christmas Advent Calendar which comes with a download card with 20 images.  My brain was working overtime thinking of all the wonderful things I could do with this frame.  I finally decided to do an Ornament Calendar.

Silhouette Christmas Advent Calendar 1

Supply List
-24 Small Clear SHATTER-PROOF Ornaments
-vinyl numbers cut with the Silhouette Cameo or Portrait
-shiny Christmas wrapping ribbon
-red spray paint
-list of 24 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

Silhouette Christmas Advent Calendar 2

Print out your list of Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.  Don’t use a font bigger than size 12.  Cut them into strips, fold in half and roll on a pencil.
Silhouette Christmas Advent Calendar Tutorial
1. Take the top of your ornament.
2.  Insert small pieces of curled ribbon.
3.  Slide the rolled up Random Act of Kindness in the ornament, but fold a tiny piece over the top so you can get it out when the time arises.
4.  Pop the top back on.
5.  Apply the vinyl numbers.
6. Tie some ribbon on top and curl it with scissors.
I started hanging the ornaments in the frame and noticed that my walls are so light and the frame is so white that it gets lost. It needed a pop of Christmas color.
Silhouette Christmas Advent Calendar 9  Silhouette Christmas Advent Calendar 10
So I did what any respectable crafter would do…I broke out the spray paint. I sprayed this frame a bright glossy red.  Perfect for Christmas, right?  Then I took a piece of sandpaper to it and it looked perfect!!
Now to add the ornaments and title.
Silhouette Christmas Advent Calendar 11
I used one of the download images that came with the frame to make the R.A.C.K title.  I cut the cardstock with the Silhouette and glued all the layers together. 
I hung the title on the top and let the kids hang the ornaments.  They are so proud of their work.
Easy Christmas Advent Calendar
Remember, this is a limited edition Silhouette product and it WILL sell out.  Make sure you get yours today!

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