Simple Charm Necklace Tutorial


Super Easy & Cute Charm Necklace


I’m thrilled that Plaid just came out with…
mod podge wash out for kids
Heck yes, that is the coolest thing ever.  So my kids and I began to create these…
Super Easy Charm Necklaces
Supply List
Mod Podge Wash Out for Kids!
Podgeable Shapes – Charms
Podgeable Flip Book – Nature
paint brush
necklace/bracelet chain
Cutting Mod Podge Paper
One of the things I like to encourage is to let my kids do EVERYTHING  themselves when it comes to crafting. Yep, it’s a little imperfect, but it’s their creation and they are so proud!
That being said, let’s get started!
Start by letting them cut out the shape they want.
Painting on the Mod Podge
Paint the back of the charm piece and place the image on top.  My oldest girl put her picture face down. The youngest put hers face up.  She wanted the charm to be the back of her necklace. 😉
Showing off the Results
Paint another coat of Mod Podge Wash Out for Kids on the back (or top if you are a 3 year old).  This secures the paper to the charm.
Finished Charm

Thread your necklace chain through the top and wear with pride!


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