Simplest Kids Art Project…and Boredom Buster!

Okay, now I know this is incredibly simple, but this is my daughter’s FAVORITE thing to do.  I just had to share it. 

My 5 year old gets so bored at home!  Her siblings are at school and she doesn’t start school until the fall.  So when I have deadlines to meet and blogging to do, I occupy her with butcher paper and Sharpie markers!

When I have work to do and my little one is bored, I cover one side of the table with butcher paper or kraft paper.  She helps me tape down the sides and then she runs to get the Sharpies or crayons or watercolor paints.

{Ellie drew a picture of a park…she is wanting Spring to come as bad as the rest of us!}

Children color on this until the “canvas” is full!  Mine are occupied for at least an hour with this simple art project. We also use butcher paper as a table cloth when all the nieces and nephews come over.  It’s always a hit!

Where I buy the paper:
-the kraft wrapping paper at the dollar store.
-the rolls of butcher paper at Hobby Lobby.
-by the yard at the teacher supply store. (They have all different colors)

Where I buy my colored Sharpies:
-Costco/Sam’s Club
-teacher supply store
Sharpie Markers on Amazon (with Prime I buy everything here)


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