Barefoot T-shirt Sandals Tutorial

How to Make Baby Barefoot Sandals by Tutus & Tea Parties!
Hello fellow creators! I am super excited to be here today at U-Create!
I’m Lauren and I blog over at Tutus & Tea Parties about being a mommy & a crafter. When I’m with my daughter we love to craft & play but when it’s nap time or night night time it’s time for me to make something fun! I hope you will come on over and visit.

The weather is nice here and we are loving it! My daughter, Bug, loves anything girly {tutus, ballet shoes, frilly dresses}. When I made these for her she wore them all day long and even asked to sleep in them. What’s even better is it cost me nothing to make these! I had everything right here in the house to whip these up and you probably do too.

T-Shirt Baby Sandals Tutorial
-an old tshirt
-matching thread and needle
-matching felt
-hot glue gun and glue
-a baby/toddler/child
What to do {I don’t sew…like ever…so #1) if I can do this, so can you & 2.) if I use the wrong sewing/clothing term, forgive me}:
1. Cut the bottom hem off your tee. Cut a couple strips of your tee about an inch wide. Cut one side so it is no longer a loop. Pull it so the edges pull together kind of. {It’s like making t-shirt yarn – instructions here} You will be using the rest of the tee {or a good part of it} for the flower.
2. Cut a piece of your felt in an oval {mine was about 2″ long and 1″ wide} Bug is 2 1/2 so if you are making these for a baby you are going to want it a little smaller.
3.  Using these instructions by Emily’s Little World, you are going to cut 18 petals for your flower. {my flower was 3″ around for Bug. Again, if you are making for a baby, maybe you want to make your flower a little smaller}
4. Take your strips of tshirt and measure from one side of your child’s foot, under their foot to the other side. Mark and cut. Cut 6 strips this size. {the tshirt will stretch so you don’t need to leave extra room for sewing}
5. Gather all your materials.
5.  Sew three of the strips along the long side of the felt oval.
6. Sew the other sides of the strips to the other side of the felt oval {making it like a ring}.
I should have sewn them to be placed evenly on each side…oops.
7. Following the flower instructions, make your flower onto the felt oval.
Would ya look at that, you can even wear it as a little bracelet!
8. Take 2 of the strands at the bottom and sew to pinch them together {these will be the straps that go on the bottom of the foot}.
9.  Smile big for saving yourself about $20 and recycling a tshirt in the process!
10. Grab your cute little girl and decorate her feet!
barefoot sandals

Thank you Lauren for sharing these darling baby sandals with my readers! Soft, inexpensive, and so cute!!


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  1. says

    Wow, I’m in love with these little sandals. Absolutely adorable. I’m stopping by from the SNAP link up to say hello! Trying to check out all the amazing bloggers attending! :) Hope to see you speaking next month! Happy and safe travels!

  2. says

    I love these! So so cute. I have to find some little wee one to make some for! I noticed in one of the pictures a wooden doohickey that your glue glun is on…I even saw a spot for glue sticks. WHAT is this?! I need to know!! Do tell ;o)

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