Tissue Paper Tree Art

So great to be here today!  I LOVE UCreate!  When I just don’t know what to do with my kids, this is where I come.  Thanks for having me here!
I blog over at tidbits.  I dabble in all sorts of stuff over there.  I am a self proclaimed bipolar hobbyist.  You never really can tell what crafty thing I will be into next.  Here is a little taste of what I do over there.  You can stop by to see the rest!
With Thanksgiving day coming upon us, I wanted to provide you with an idea of what you could do with the kids that day.  If your celebrations are anything like ours, when all those cousins get together, it can get pretty crazy.
So, here is a little craft to help you channel all that energy.
First, try to sit them down to a craft.  Hopefully this will get them to calm a bit. The hand print tree is certainly not a new idea, but here is my take on it.
Gather the supplies listed above.  I buy thin canvas’s from Wal-Mart, in packs of 3, for just over $1 a piece.  It makes for a sturdy piece of art work, and adds the nice texture of canvas.
Then I bought some fall colored tissue paper at Wal-Mart while I was there.

I used my rotary cutter to slice it all in little squares.  Quick and easy, though I might need a new blade soon :)

Place a dab of paint and some Elmer’s glue onto a plate for your little one.

Lather their hand and a bit of their arm with paint.  I used a brush to create a few giggles.

They will think it is loads of fun.

Help them stamp their hand on the canvas and press down to get an even cover.

Then let them begin decorating their fall tree.  All it takes is a quick crumble of the tissue paper and a dip in the glue.

This is a great project for all sorts of ages.  I was even tempted to make my own.

I love her pile of leaves at the bottom.
I don’t think I will be sneaking this one in the garbage any time soon (I hope that didn’t just make me sound like a horrible mother – please tell me I’m not the only one who does this on occasion).

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    you’re not the only one who sneaks a few pieces of artwork into the can lol I do it also, we keep almost everything in a small apartment, it’s just not logical unless she wants to start saving them the right way lol cute idea though I’m excited to do it with my little girl!

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