Hand Print Christmas Tree Tutorial

I love what Heather from The Other White House did with some paint, a canvas, and her kids!

Are you seeing this?

What a fun Christmas decoration that would hold great memories!

{maybe this idea could even be used to make a dreidel?}

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  1. Tori says

    Planning on doing a variation of this for my daughter’s first bday to remember her paint party. Each guest will put their handprint and hopefully a fingerprint ornament. I think it will be loads of fun to pull out at Christmas time each year. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas.

  2. Anonymous says

    We did this last year with my mom’s 10 grandchildren. Each child did 2 handprints (same hand twice) and I painted a red ball between each set of prints and wrote each child’s name next to his prints The oldest children did the bottom of the tree and the youngest was at the top. We used poster paper for so many hands.

  3. says

    Start this when your child is 1. Do one handprint. Then, when they’re 2, move down to the next line and do two handprints, then 3 handprints the next year when they’re 3 and so on. Do this until you’ve reached an age you would like to stop. Each year the hand will get bigger as it moves down. This will take a few years to complete, but imagine what an amzing keepsake it would be! I wish I would’ve done this with my children.

  4. Anonymous says

    Just curious.. what did you put behind the canvas so there was something solid behind it while the kids were dong the handprints? The canvas I have is already stretched over a frame so if I set it on the table, there is nothing behind the canvas. I was thinking of stacking some books behind it? Any better ideas?

  5. Anonymous says

    We did this yesterday. I have 6 kids so I wanted them each to have a “row” so I used a 18×24 canvas and had JUST enough room for the star on top. I used acrylic craft paint from Walmart. My children each have a “color” for towels, cups, etc so everyone knows which is theirs- so they used their fingerprint in their color to make lights in the white spots left by the palm prints. Turned out ADORABLE and very easy!

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