Teacher Appreciation Gifts – what teachers really want!

I cherish my children’s teachers. Every single one of them.
I absolutely LOVE seeing all of the appreciation gifts out there because they sure deserve them! It’s the least we can do right? What a great way to teach our children to show their teachers how much we appreciate all that they do.

I asked teachers on our Facebook page to share favorite gifts they have received during the school year and I can’t wait to share the results!
Here are the top 10 most popular answers…
1. Thoughtful Personal Note
2. Gift Cards
3. Spa/Pedicure Gift Certificate
4. Photo Book with Memories Throughout the Year
5. Handmade Bookmark with a Gift Certificate for a Book
6. Personalized Stationary
7. Money for School Supplies
8. Stack of Blank Homemade Cards
9. Flowers
10. Gift Basket Full of School Supplies

What teachers are saying…

Michelle McMillan Riggins: “When I taught K12, anything was always appreciated, of course, but the ones that meant the most were the ones that sent the message that the parent remembered that I was more than a teacher. The movie theater gift card, the cute beach towel and beach tote, the gift certificate for a mani-pedi… it always made me feel like they knew I sometimes needed a break from the classroom in order to be an even better teacher.”
Judy Switzer White: “Lots of great suggestions! But if you’re looking for really low budget, nice notepads are a great gift. I send out so many notes to parents, & it’s nice to have something pretty (not just the typical yellow mini-legal pads) to be able to write on to send home. And some that have envelopes are a bonus. Sometimes we don’t want little prying eyes to read the note!”
Christy Mathis: “I did not get this but one of the teachers on my team got a coupon for a pedicure – awesome gift for the start of summer! The rest of us were jealous! lol”
Ellen Justice: “Gift cards are great!! Amazon is a great choice because there you can get just about anything and everything there! Stay away from too many sweets — sadly, I end up tossing a good bit because I just simply can’t eat it all, especially since its just me at home. Fruit is a good choice. A student gave me a handmade cutting board (made by her grandpa) my first year teaching. I still have it and love it. Hmm…a new lunch box is nice as well!
Meridith Watson: “Gift cards are so appreciated. But i also love a well thought out personal note that shows the family appreciates time and effort. Those mean a lot.”

Did you know that teachers spend more than $1 billion a year stocking their own classrooms, and they’re buying more than just school supplies? This blew my mind.

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To see more great back-to-school content from myself and other Quaker Classroom Ambassadors and join the conversation with your own teacher appreciation stories by following #QuakerUp hashtag. Also, stay tuned during this back to school season for teacher gift ideas and a fun giveaway!


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