DIY Solar Light Mason Jars

I have this awesome refinished deck and am trying so hard to beautify it, but I have serious commitment issues.  I am having such a hard time picking designs I like and finding lighting I like and so on.  So...I am going to DIY the perfect deck living area.  First up: fun lighting!

Supply List:
Canning Jars
Acrylic Gems (from Michaels Craft)
Small Outdoor Solar Lights (dollar store)
Spray Paint (I only use VALSPAR)

Step #1:  Spray paint the rings of the jars. 
I took them out to the garage and sprayed them first so that they would be dry by the time I got all the jars prepared.  

Step #2:  Fill the jars.
I filled the bottom of each jar with a little bag of the acrylic gems.  These are so awesome when the light is creates a really cool starburst effect.

Step #3: Pop off the Solar Light.
If you bought these at the dollar store, the light just pops right off.  Throw away the bottom part...or if you're a really cool mom, let your children use them as "magic wands."

Step #4: Tape the Light
Terrifically Tack Tape is seriously terrific.  It's super sticky and easy to apply.
I put a 2 inch piece on either side of the light.

Step #5:  Stick the lights in the jar.
Make sure the lights are secured against the opening of the jar.

Step #6: Screw the lids back on the jars.  
Then you can hang them with wire, if you'd like.  I just have them on the steps of the deck for now.  

These Solar Light Mason Jars look pretty cool at night.  In fact, they look so awesome that my kids take them in their rooms for night lights.  

Now to find the perfect patio set!!

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Beautiful Hairstyles for Girls

Beautiful Hair Tutorials for Girls by Measured by the Heart

We LOVE Connie from Measured by the Heart and she's been a guest on U Create many times sharing her beautiful daughter and hairstyles with us!

I wanted to have one easy-to-find place for all of these beautiful hair tutorials. They are great for any all occasions (weddings, school, events, you name it)!

Let's start with the popular waterfall twist tutorial...
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Teacher Appreciation Gifts - what teachers really want!

I cherish my children’s teachers. Every single one of them.
I absolutely LOVE seeing all of the appreciation gifts out there because they sure deserve them! It’s the least we can do right? What a great way to teach our children to show their teachers how much we appreciate all that they do.

I asked teachers on our Facebook page to share favorite gifts they have received during the school year and I can’t wait to share the results!
Here are the top 10 most popular answers…
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Free Printables: You're the BALM!

For the Michael's August challenge I wanted to create a printable using my favorite lip balm ever!

You could use this tag for any lip balm of course!

I also made a Teacher Version and a Thank You Version to use any time of year for a simple, fun gift anybody would enjoy!

Supplies Used:

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