Teacher Appreciation Gifts - what teachers really want!

I cherish my children’s teachers. Every single one of them.
I absolutely LOVE seeing all of the appreciation gifts out there because they sure deserve them! It’s the least we can do right? What a great way to teach our children to show their teachers how much we appreciate all that they do.

I asked teachers on our Facebook page to share favorite gifts they have received during the school year and I can’t wait to share the results!
Here are the top 10 most popular answers…
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Free Printables: You're the BALM!

For the Michael's August challenge I wanted to create a printable using my favorite lip balm ever!

You could use this tag for any lip balm of course!

I also made a Teacher Version and a Thank You Version to use any time of year for a simple, fun gift anybody would enjoy!

Supplies Used:

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Free Printable: Things You Can't Buy

I'm excited to share my latest printable design with you!
I had an idea to combine crafty things we see everyday with things money cannot buy. We create many beautiful things for our homes, gifts, etc....and today I want to focus on some of the most important things we can only create!

I've included a black/white version and a color version for you to pick from...
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Free Printables: Happy Place

We all have a happy place right?!

I thought it would be a fun printable to do a printable for the crafters.

Find Crafting, Sewing, Painting, Stitching, Knitting, and Crocheting versions...
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