Thanksgiving Minute To Win It Games

One of our very favorite games to play at parties is "Minute To Win It" and I thought it would be fun to come up with unique ways to make fun for Thanksgiving!

These are sure to be a hit at your next Thanksgiving get together...


Thanksgiving Football - HUT, HUT, HIKE!

How to play:

1.  Tape a foul line 15 feet away from the hoop.

2. Give each player roll of toilet paper and they turn around and hike the toilet paper through the hoop.

3. The player with the most hoops in 60 seconds wins!

Items Needed:
Hoop (we use two people holding a hoola hoop)
Rolls of Toilet Paper


How to Play:

1. Object is to keep two feathers from touching the ground by blowing on them.

2. Player that keeps the feathers up for 60 seconds (or longer) wins!

Items Needed:
Two feathers for each player


How to Play:

1. Object is to bite off end of candy corns and stick them to a paper plate making a circle.

2. Player that gets the farthest around the plate within 60 seconds wins!

Items Needed:
Candy corns
Paper Plates


How to Play:

1. Line up two rows of 4 unopened water bottles.

2. Player puts a pair of panty hose on their head with a mini pumpkin in the bottom.

3. Object is to hit over the bottles with the pantyhose and pumpkin in 60 seconds (swinging trunk side to side like an elephant).

Items Needed:
Mini Pumpkins
Water Bottles


How to Play:

1. Fill up one pie tin with cotton balls. Player puts vaseline on their nose and cheeks. Place the empty pie pan on other end of the table.

3. Object is for player to move cotton balls (only using their face) to empty pie tin. Player to get the most cotton balls within 60 seconds wins!

Items Needed:
Two Pie Tins (they sell them at the dollar store, too!)
Cotton Balls


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M & M Thanksgiving Poem Printable

You might have seen the Christmas and Easter versions of M &M poems and many asked if I could do a Thanksgiving version. Here you go!

Put M&M's in a jar (I used the fall regular M&M's) and tie tag with ribbon or jute. For a smaller version just staple the tag to a small bag!

Click the following to download...


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Halloween I Spy Bag Tutorial

My kids love these I SPY activities!  I have made them for a couple of holidays.  There favorite is the Christmas ornament one I made for Christmas.  Recently we were walking through the craft store and my kids spotted some Halloween buttons.  They asked if I could make them "I SPY bags" for Halloween.  Well, I love EVERYTHING Halloween and I couldn't resist those cute kids of mine. 

Supply List:
- Halloween Fabric (1 fat quarter)
- a dozen or more awesome buttons
- 1 cup of Poly Pellets or bean bag filler (like this)
- 10" squared clear vinyl "fabric" (like this)
- matching thread and other sewing essentials (machine, scissors, cutting mat)

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How to Make Your Own Fabric Paint

Did you know you can turn acrylic paint into fabric paint?

Maybe you'd like to stencil onto a throw pillow and need it permanent yet washable...or maybe you found a thrift store wallet and want to give it a new look with paint.

You can find what's called "Fabric Medium" Paint at most craft stores or online.

Simply mix the fabric medium with your favorite color acrylic paint and voila you have fabric paint!
You can play around with how much you want to mix. I've used two parts acrylic paint to 1 part craft medium.

This makes your finished project soft, washable and permanent.  Keeps the colors bright, and doesn't chip or peel as if you were using regular acrylic paint. Give it a try!

Have you tried this technique and have some tips to share? Please comment below.


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