The Best Copycat Soup Recipes

Enjoy your favorite restaurant soups at home with these mouth-watering copycat soup recipes. They are delicious and simple to make!

Let's start with one of the best tomato soup recipes on this planet...
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DIY Burlap Canvas Frame - with polkadots!

Introducing another fun challenge from Michaels Craft Stores
This month, we received a tin bucket with a little burlap canvas, wooden spools, chalkboard items and more to celebrate their upcoming RAW Bar line (coming to stores & online August 8th)!

I instantly fell in love with the mini burlap canvas and wanted to make a fun frame for my craft room.

Let me show you how simple this is to create...
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HUGE Craft Stash Giveaway!

38 AWESOME bloggers have all joined forces to give you the GREAT craft Stash GIVEAWAY! Each blogger has picked one of their favorite crafting tools to give to ONE lucky winner (AND IT COULD BE YOU!!!!)

One of my very favorite craft items that I use daily is my Fiskars Paper Trimmer! This is perfect for cutting long pieces of vinyl, school projects, photos, paper name it. My husband is even known to steal it for a project now and then for work or something. So as part of the Craft Stash Giveaway I am giving away this amazing trimmer. It's my fave.
Oh, but that's not it...

WE have everything from washi tape, to chalk paint, to baker's twine, to sharpies! Everything a crafter's heart could desire!!!! craft stash giveaway

Here's what you will get...

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Skirting the Issue with Simple Simon and Co.

Hi Friends!  I have to tell you about some great friends of ours whom we affectionately call "The Lizzes." Elizabeth and liZ, that's their names, blog at Simple Simon & Co. (among other places) and have the biggest hearts of anyone I know...and the funnest personalities! 

Every July these beautiful women rally the best sewist in the blog-osphere to help spread the word about a fabulous cause called "Skirting the Issue." This is an event where we can all give back to our communities in a special way: by making and donating handmade skirt to girls in Foster Care.  Not only does it provide these young girls with some cute skirts, but it let's them know they are loved and not forgotten.

Because I am passionate about this Skirting the Issue event, I have created a simple skirt tutorial which I am sharing at Simple Simon and Co. today.  

This tutorial really is quite easy and can be completed in less than an hour so you can easily make 2 or 3 in a weekend sewing session.  

You can read all the details about Skirting the Issue at Simple Simon and Co.  

While you're there say "HI" to my friends "The Lizzes"and check out their insanely gifted sewing abilities...and photography! 

Other simple skirt tutorials we love:
Library Maxi Skirt

Bandanna Summer Skirt

Rolie Polie Raggedy Skirt

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