DIY Backyard Olympic Games

Coolest DIY Backyard Olympic Games EVER

 Naturally the best part of planning and creating a killer Kids Olympic Party is the games…better yet, watching the kids play the games.  We have plenty of tiny kids in our family so we didn’t want to make too advanced games, but we still wanted it to be fun for the few older kids we did have.  So Kari, Danielle, and I put our heads together and came up with these amazing

 Backyard Olympic Games…

As to how to make the Olympic Games, these are really self explanatory so I included just a sentence or two on how I made them and how we played them.

Balance Beam

DIY Olympic Games Balance Beam Sign

Supply List & Instructions:

2 Cinder Blocks

1 2×4 plank of wood

Just put the blocks down and place the wood on top.

DIY Olympic Games Balance Beam

Kids younger than 5 years walked across and back…adding an optional trick if they wanted.

The older bunch had to walk to the middle turn around on one foot and walk back again.  This was hysterical to watch.

But watching my mom do it was hilarious!

Mom balancing

Noodle Throw

DIY Olympic Games Noodle Throw

Supply List & Instructions:

Hula Hoop Rings made previously

4 pool noodles purchased at the dollar store

Secure the Giant Olympic Rings so they stand in the grass…we used bamboo shoots.

DIY Olympic Games Noodle Throw Game

Two players each have 2 noodles.  They throw the noodles like javelins and try to make it throw the hoop.  Having two players at once is pretty fun because their noodles knock against each other and it’s unpredictable.

Designate a spot for older players father back the game more challenging.

You can give the hoops point values too, but since our littles are younger we were just hoping they would make it in a hoop.

Monster Ball Toss

DIY Olympic Games Monster Ball Toss

Supply List & Instructions:

Foam Board

Super sharp x-acto knife


Draw your funky monster.  Cut out the mouth, the nose, the eye…whatever you’d like. Just make a hole for the kidlets to throw a ball or bean bag through.

This was our 3 and younger game so we made the hole pretty big.


Water Bucket Relay

DIY Olympic Games Water Bucket Relay

Supply List & Instructions:

6 buckets from the dollar store; 3 of one color and 3 of another.

2 big car wash sponges

water…lots of water

Place three buckets in a line about 3 feet apart.  Do this with the other set of buckets, lining them up next to the other teams buckets.  Fill the buckets with water.

DIY Olympic Games Water Bucket Relay Kids collage

A child stands behind each bucket.  The first one has the huge sponge soaked with water and hands it over their head to the player behind them.  The next player is not directly behind them so this requires the kids to kind of toss the sponge over their head.

The next player dips the sponge in the bucket and throws it to the next person, etc.  Then we had the kids turn around and through it back, but this time like a quarterback…through their legs.  It was super fun!!

We even made the adults play this one. Needless to say, everyone ended up wet.

DIY Olympic Games Water Bucket Relay Adults collageDIY Olympic Games Water Bucket Relay Adults collage

Disclaimer: child above was not at all drenched by falling water…

As you can see we had a great time!  This games were a HUGE hit for both young and old. We had a great time!

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